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Nigeria: Honeywell Group Launches Itanna  

Lagos, Nigeria, 07 August, 2018//- Honeywell Group, the leading Nigerian corporate, has launched its new accelerator and investment vehicle, Itanna.

Smart Tech is Key to Rwanda’s Future

August 4, 2018//-The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 if you will, is here.

Mombasa’s Hospital  Goes Digital with SAP Business System

Mombasa, Kenya, July 30, 2018//- Hospitals across the African continent are confronted with challenges brought by technological disruption and increased demands.

Andela Launches Pan-African Tech Hub In Kigali for Software Developers

New York, United States of America, July 24, 2018//-  Andela, the company building high-performing engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers, today launched a pan-African technology hub in its fourth African market- Kigali, Rwanda.

Digital Tech Holds the Key to the Bank Branch of the Future

July 21, 2018//-The bank branch as we know it, with tellers behind windows and bankers huddled in cubicles with desktop computers, needs reinvention.

How Bloodless Test Could Reduce Time in Diagnosis of Malaria

July 18, 2018//-As undergraduate students at Makerere University, Brian Gitta and his classmates regularly missed classes because of malaria.

The COO Dilemma: The Intelligent Enterprise and the COO of the Future

Nairobi, Kenya, July 11, 2018//- Recent advances in computational capabilities and the evolution of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, internet of things (IoT), big data and predictive analytics all built on powerful cloud platforms have heralded the rise of the Intelligent Enterprise.

Leveraging Tech to Expand Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs

July 10, 2018//-Research shows that investing in female entrepreneurs can have powerful multiplier effects as women tend to reinvest the majority of their incomes back into their families and communities — further developing their economies, society and boosting GDP growth.

Bringing Agile to IT Infrastructure: ING Netherlands’ Agile Transformation

IT executives seldom associate agile with infrastructure. In this interview, the head of ING Netherlands’ IT infrastructure function explains how his team carried out an agile transformation. July 2, 2018//-ING Netherlands, the Dutch bank within the global financial group, began introducing agile ways of working at its headquarters in June 2015.

MultiChoice Ghana Launches Package for Businesses

Accra, Ghana, June 29, 2018//-MultiChoice Ghana has launched a new package for its commercial subscribers in the country.

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