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Airline Data: What Next Beyond Crisis Response?

November 19, 2020//-In 2019, we calculated that analytics represents an up to $40 billion opportunity for global aviation, in retail alone.

Will Airline Hubs Recover from COVID-19?

November 6, 2020//-COVID-19 has drastically decreased airline traffic across all routes, but the volume of connecting passengers has been among the hardest hit.

Qatar Airways Extends Kenya Reach with KQ Deal

October 24, 2020//-Qatar Airways has expanded its partnership with Kenya Airways  in a deal that will enable its passengers to make smooth transits to the coast and western Kenya.

What Can Other Countries Learn From China’s Travel Recovery Path?

October 17, 2020//-While the path of the travel and tourism recovery will vary by market, China’s distinct experience may hold lessons for other markets—particularly those where, as in China, COVID-19 transmission rates are low and traveler confidence has recovered quickly.

New Global Mobility Hierarchy Emerges as International Travel Resumes

October 13, 2020//-Coronavirus-related travel restrictions are beginning to lift in some countries after more than six months of panic and uncertainty.

COVID-19’s Impact On Europe’s Tourism, France Experienced a 99% Decline in Bookings

October 12, 2020//-The global tourism industry is one of the hardest-hit industries with regards to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rich Ditch First Class For Private Jets

October 10, 2020//-For years, the wealthy have been comfortable flying First or Business Class but now they are seeking the seclusion of private jets.

Scrubber Waste Collection: Port of Le Havre Commits to Dev’t of Local Industry

October 7, 2020//-HAROPA – Port du Havre, in partnership with SEREP, a subsidiary of SARP Industries, has set up a local industry for the treatment of scrubber residues.

Pressure Grows on South Africa to Dissolve State Airline

October 4, 2020//-Pressure is building on South Africa’s government to liquidate the state-run airline South African Airways (SAA) after administrators suspended the carrier’s operations on Tuesday.

South Africa Opens Borders to African Countries, Limits Others

October 3, 2020//-South Africa will reopen its borders to all African countries from Thursday next week while barring tourists from around 50 nations with high coronavirus infection rates, the government said on Wednesday.

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