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Nile Dam Talks Resume as Ethiopians Celebrate Progress

August 5, 2020//-Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt have resumed second round of talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Nile River mediated by the African Union.

How the Grand Renaissance Dam Might Spark Basin-wide Water Cooperation

Construction workers stand next to rock wall at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia on December 26, 2019. Ashok Swain, Uppsala University August 1, 2020//-Ethiopia’s on-going construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River has attracted speculation that it could lead to a ‘water war’.

The Grand Renaissance Dam: What’s at Stake and What Could Break the Deadlock

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a 145-metre-high, 1.8-kilometre-long concrete colossus is set to become the largest hydropower plant in Africa. (Photo by EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP via Getty Images) Mahemud Tekuya, University of the Pacific July 23, 2020..-The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam is inching closer to completion, rekindling the environmental and political controversies that have dogged the […]

General Electric Appoints New CEO for Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 21, 2020//-General Electric (GE) has appointed Nyimpini Mabunda as the Chief Executive Officer for Southern Africa.

Interpreting the South African Government’s Mixed Messages on Nuclear Power

South Africa can’t afford new nuclear infrastructure with state funds in these times of budget shortfalls and ballooning debt. GettyImages Hartmut Winkler, University of Johannesburg July 6, 2020//-On 14 June the South African Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy issued a controversial statement initiating a process that could lead to the construction of new nuclear […]

Why Excess Electricity Is Better Than A Deficit

July 2, 2020//-As a country, we are better off dealing with excess power generation than when we have a deficit. When we experience a deficit we would require to invest in power generation projects that take time to be completed.

Ethiopia, Egypt Trade Words Over Nile Sharing Treaty

June 29, 2020//-Ethiopia has accused Egypt of trying to revert to the 1959 colonial agreement that gave it dominance over the Nile waters, warning that the stance by Cairo could torpedo the new Nile Treaty of 2010.

Egypt In Talks But Still Against Dam Project

June 15, 2020//-As talks over the Nile waters resumed on June 10, Egypt continued to defend its objections to Ethiopia’s plan to start filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in July.

African Dev’t Bank Debars Burmeister & Wain for Fraudulent and Corrupt Practices

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, June 8, 2020 – Pursuant to a settlement agreement, the African Development Bank Group on 8 June 2020, announced the debarment of Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor, for a period of 21 months, for engaging in sanctionable practices in a power generation project financed by the Bank in Mauritius.

Sudan Rejects Ethiopia Proposal to Sign a Partial Pact for the First Filling of Dam

May 15, 2020//-Sudan has rejected an Ethiopian proposal to sign a partial agreement for the first filling of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, throwing the row over the Nile river into further uncertainty.

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