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IMF: US Tariffs Could Undermine Global Trade

June 18, 2018//-The Trump administration’s trade policies are likely to hurt the US economy and undermine the world’s trade system, the IMF has warned.

Are GMOs Answer to Food Insecurity in Nigeria?

Abuja, Nigeria, June 18, 2018//-The application of genetically modified crops into the food system across the world has been a subject of controversy.  Two major groups have emerged in this debate, those who promote it and those who are opposed to it.

A Madh Island State of Mind

June 16, 2018//-Depending on the way you look at it, your first visit to Madh Island in India could be stressful or adventurous, but unforgettable either way. You could, like most people who live there, take the boat from the Versova jetty.

Falling GDP Per Capita Signals Deteriorating Welfare

June 15, 2018//-Gross Domestic Product Per Capita (GDP Per Capita) in Nigeria took a dive while the recession lasted, eroding general welfare.

Property Tax Can Safe Ghana If There Is The Will Power

Accra, Ghana, June 14, 2018//-In Ghana, many  crave for the acquisition of properties because, they pay  virtually no tax on them. In UK and USA, property tax is one of their major sources of revenue. Property Tax can safe Ghana if there is the will power to do so, which can go a long way to […]

Report: Nigeria, Ghana Top Online Searches for Abortion Pill

June 13, 2018//-While Nigeria’s abortion laws are some of the most restrictive in the world, the country ranks top among countries its citizens are in search of abortion pills, a new survey has revealed.

UN Launches “Powerful” Policy Resource for LDCs

Geneva, Switzerland, June 6, 2018// – Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, today launched a unique policy compendium  that aims to assist governments of the world’s most disadvantaged countries in boosting prosperity and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Online Campaign Platform Unveiled to Strengthen Environmental Activism in Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa, June 5, 2018/ — Greenpeace Africa, a leading environmental NGO,  has launched VUMA. EARTH( – an online campaign platform for ordinary citizens to run environmental petitions.

Kenya: Public Tender Heads Step Aside in Graft War

June 4, 2018//-Heads of procurement and accounting units in ministries, departments and State-owned firms have been ordered to step aside and submit to State House information on their assets as the war on corruption intensifies.

Kenya Outshines Rivals in Global Hotels Count

June 3, 2018//-Kenya has topped key sub-Saharan Africa rivals Nigeria and Tanzania in the count of global chain hotel brands presence in the respective countries.

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