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Building A Continental Neural Network: Spreading Ideas, Innovation Across Africa At The Speed Of Thought

Lagos, Nigeria, June 13, 2019//- The human brain remains one of nature’s greatest wonders. Its estimated 100 billion neurons process and transmit information to create the most complex computational devices in the known universe.

Afrobarometer Lays Foundation For ‘Next Generation’ Of Giving Voice To African Citizens

Accra, Ghana, June 7, 2019//-Moving from pioneering project to pan-African institution, the research network-Afrobarometer will enter its third decade with a new structure emphasizing partnership, capacity building, and sustainability.

Afrobarometer Honours CDD-Ghana, 7 Other African Organisations 

Accra, Ghana, May 29, 2019//-The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has won Afrobarometer’s Best Conversation Starter Award for its outstanding achievements in promoting visibility and use of survey findings.

Charlotte Osei Appointed UN International Elections Commissioner

May 27, 2019//-The United Nations has appointed Mrs. Charlotte Osei as an International Elections Commissioner to Afghanistan, as the South Asian country prepares to hold crucial Presidential polls in September 2019.

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch Documentary is on M-Net

May 24 2019//-A week after its epic conclusion, the multi-award winning drama Game of Thrones continues to enthrall and excite with an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary that’s a must-watch for fans of the global television sensation.

Ghana: Edwin Arthur Elected President of PRINPAG

Accra, Ghana, May 23, 2019//-The Managing Editor of The New Independent Newspaper, Andrew Edwin Arthur, has been elected as the President of the Private Newspaper Publishers Association of Ghana of Ghana (PRINPAG).

A Diverse and Culturally Rich African Continent is A Bedrock for Storytelling

May 22, 2019//-More than 1 000 languages are spoken across the continent and this diversity means we have great stories to tell.

Ghana: Learning Skills to Showcase ‘Invention and Innovation’ at 5th Science Fair

Accra, Ghana, May 18, 2019//-The Adjiringanor branch of the Learning Skills International School (LSIS) will host the fifth edition of its annual science fair at its premises in Accra on Saturday May 25.

Winning With New Models in Packaging

May 15, 2019//-The global packaging industry could change significantly by 2030. Here is what you need to know to stay competitive.

Ghana: Information Minister Under Special Prosecutor Investigation

Accra, Ghana, May 13, 2019//-Ghana’s Information Minister is among about 25 cases under investigation by the Office of Special Prosecutor, JoyNews has found.

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