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Ghana: Gov’t Trapped Into Over $100M Possible Judgment Debt

Accra, Ghana, February 18, 2020//-Government is trapped into a judgment debt or payment of compensation conundrum ranging from $90 million to about $120 million.

Global Investors Look to Diversify Portfolios Amid Coronavirus Crisis

February 18, 2020//-The outbreak of the coronavirus, coupled with record valuations in equity markets, has triggered a global sell-off of high-risk investments and a significant shift in sentiment among global investors.

Coronavirus: The Blow to the Chinese Economy Could be Felt for Years

Chusu He, Coventry University February 18, 2020//-Investors are still being fairly complacent about the novel coronavirus. After the number of new daily cases suddenly shot up to more than 15,000 on February 12 following more than a week of decline, there were some jitters in the markets.

World Leaders, CEOs to Make Global Push for Sustainable Investment

February 17, 2020//-Government leaders, global CEOs and other investment stakeholders will step up efforts to promote investment for sustainable development at the 7th biennial UNCTAD World Investment Forum (WIF) and the first-ever Asian E-Commerce Week to be held in Abu Dhabi from 6 to 10 December this year.

Top 5 Richest Men in 20th Century Worth 3 Times More Than Today’s Top 5 Billionaires

February 17, 2020//-Data gathered and calculated by indicates that the top five richest people of the 20th currently have a combined net worth of $1.62 trillion.

Ignoring Alternative Solutions to Banking Sector Cleanup Hurting Ghana’s Economy

Accra, Ghana, February 14, 2020//-Seasoned Ghanaian economic analyst says the decision by the fiscal and monetary policy authorities to ignore alternative solutions to the banking sector cleanup is hurting the Ghanaian economy.

The Vast Untapped Potential of African Economies

February 14, 2020//-Africa today accounts for around 17% of the world’s population, but only about 3% of global GDP.

African Development Bank Fights World Bank Boss Over Africa’s Debt Profile Remark

Abidjan, Ivory Coast, February 13, 2020/ — In several news reports, World Bank President David Malpass was recently quoted as saying some Multilateral Development Banks, including the African Development Bank , have a tendency to lend too quickly and in the process, add to the continent’s debt problems.

Paul Kagame: No Compromise on African Values

February 12, 2020//-Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame defies standard categorisation. Some see him as the greatest living African leader who has built a shining, virtually corruption-free nation of proud citizens from the ashes of the 1994 genocide; others say he rules with an iron fist and will brook no dissent.

“White African”: Born in Congo, Grew Up in Ghana Now Wants to Give Back to Africa

Accra, Ghana, February 12, 2020//-Christian Roman Gutzwiller popularly known as “one of the first non native white African” is a man who never hides expressing his love for Africa and its people in private and in the open.

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