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Latin America and Caribbean on the Brink of Massive Solar Power Growth

Lima, Peru, 12 November 2019 – Latin America and the Caribbean could grow their installed solar capacity by a factor of 40 by 2050, a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) revealed.

How Ghanaian Civil Servants Sought to Resist Political Pressure

Distribution of public goods like solar panels can be influenced by political elements. Wikimedia Commons Justin Scott Schon, University of Florida; Elizabeth Baldwin, University of Arizona; Jennifer N. Brass, Indiana University, and Lauren M. MacLean Electricity is a hot political issue in Ghana. Ghanaians demand access to the electricity grid as a right of citizenship. […]

The Transition from Fossils to Renewables and its Impact on Consumer Prices

Renewable energy technologies will in the next two years be competitive on price with fossil fuels. Shutterstock Roula Inglesi-Lotz, University of Pretoria and George Alex Thopil, University of Pretoria November 11, 2019//-The transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energies is a global pursuit. But it’s faster and more intensive in some countries than others.

Off-Grid Solar Facilities Offer Solution to Climate Change Adversities in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, November 8, 2019//-As the world grapples with rising heatwave, a section of Kenya’s fishing community has got a shot in the arm thanks to the innovation from MYPAG, a Danish firm, which has enabled them access off-grid cooling facilities for their fish.

Norway Provides Funds for Renewable Energy in Poor Countries

Oslo, Norway, November 7, 2019/ —  The Government of Norway is allocating up to NOK 300 million annually to provide better guarantees for businesses that are willing to invest in renewable energy in poor countries,’ has Minister of International Development Dag-Inge Ulstein, said.

UK-Japan Energy Partnership of Azuri, Marubeni Selected for British Business Awards

Cambridge, United Kingdom, November 6, 2019: The successful partnership between UK-based Azuri Technologies, a leading pay-as-you-go solar innovator and Japanese Fortune 500 company Marubeni Corporation has been nominated for a British Business Award, with winners to be announced in Tokyo this week.

Azuri GrowFast Solar Irrigation Pump Finalist in Global LEAP Award

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 31 October 2019//- GrowFast solar irrigation system from Azuri Technologies has been named a finalist in the 2019 Global LEAP Awards, highlighting the world’s best off-grid appliances.

Ghana’s Central University Goes Solar

Accra, Ghana, October 17, 2019: A 401 kWp solar system for Central University in Ghana has been inaugurated, marking an important milestone in Ghana’s transition to clean energy.

Solar Power Could Stop China’s Belt and Road Initiative from Unleashing Huge Carbon Emissions

Jenson/Shutterstock Kathryn G Logan, University of Aberdeen; Shi Chen, Tsinghua University, and Xi Lu, Tsinghua University China has invested US$90 billion in the countries involved in its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) since 2013. The BRI involves developing infrastructure in 126 partner countries to boost trade within a region stretching from Indonesia to Western Europe […]

How Kenya’s Mega Wind Power project Is Hurting Communities

Lake Turkana Wind Power turbines. LTWP Zoe Cormack, University of Oxford September 4, 2019//-Kenya recently launched the Lake Turkana Wind Power project, Africa’s largest wind energy project and the biggest public-private investment in Kenyan history. The wind farm will produce 300MW of low-cost renewable energy for Kenya’s national grid.

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