Why Renewable Energy Won’t End Energy Poverty in Zimbabwe

The Kariba Dam, a hydroelectric dam in the Kariba Gorge of the Zambezi river basin between Zambia and Zimbabwe. GettyImages Ellen Fungisai Chipango, University of Johannesburg Zimbabwe is one of the African countries that hopes renewable energy technologies will help to address their energy problems. About 42% of Zimbabwe’s households are connected to the electricity […]

Solar Technologies Can Speed Up Vaccine Rollout in Africa

Solar energy is an invaluable resource in rural areas like this facility in Gambia. Gavi/2018/Guido Dingemans Cyrus Sinai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Rob Fetter, Duke University There’s hope that some industrialised countries will achieve near-universal vaccination against COVID-19 in the coming months. Yet the effort to vaccinate even the most essential […]