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World Bank Sets Ambitious Targets for Green and Resilient Economic Growth in Africa

Washington D.C., United States of America, September 15, 2020/ — The World Bank released the Next Generation Africa Climate Business Plan (NG-ACBP), which sets out a blueprint to help Sub-Saharan African economies achieve low carbon and climate-resilient outcomes.

Off-grid Power Takes Off in Africa

September 15, 2020//-The social and economic benefits of off-grid electricity are being felt across the continent, as Ian Lewis explains

How to Reach Zero Emissions with Renewables

September 9, 2020//-Only seven industry and transport sectors will account for 38% of all CO2 emissions globally in 2050 unless there are significant changes in current approaches.

Minigrid Use Expands but Regulation Hampers Sector

August 13, 2020//-A report from the African Minigrid Developers Association finds that in rural areas minigrid connections can be significantly less expensive than state-run utilities but red tape is holding back their growth. 

Nigeria’s First Commercial Undergrid Minigrid Project Successfully Powers Community

Mokoloki, Ogun State, Nigeria, July 22, 2020//-RMI, IBEDC, and Nayo Tech, with support from the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency (REA), joined forces to accelerate the commercial deployment of undergrid minigrid technology in the Nigerian energy sector.

Emerging Photovoltaics: Materials Opportunity in New $38 Billion Market

July 3, 2020//-The new IDTechEx report, “Materials Opportunities in Emerging Photovoltaics 2020-2040”, is based on interviews by multi-lingual, PhD level IDTechEx analysts across the world and 20 years tracking the research and applications.

World-first Tech to Help Save Lives in the Energy Industry

June 30, 2020//-World-first technology is being developed to help save lives in the energy industry.

IRENA Puts Energy Transformation at Heart of Sustainable Economic Recovery

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 24 June 2020//-Governments can align immediate economic stimulus needs with medium to long-term decarbonisation and sustainable development objectives by targeting policy measures and public spending towards the energy transformation, a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) published today finds.

REDAVIA Signs 4 New COVID-19 Resilience Leases in Ghana, Kenya

Accra, Ghana, June 21, 2020//-REDAVIA, a global market leader of cost-effective, reliable, and clean solar power for businesses, has signed four new COVID-19 Resilience Leases in Ghana and Kenya, offering these businesses six months of free solar to withstand the COVID crisis.

Infrastructure Fund Africa50 Helps Egypt’s Solar Power Sector Take Off

Abidjan, Ivory Coast, June 18, 2020/ — A 37-square-kilometer solar park so large that it can be seen from space, with over seven million photovoltaic panels, and funding of $4 billion. In Africa? Impossible? Not anymore.

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