Digital Migration: Court Delay Upholds Information Rights of Poor South Africans

The government had many years to ensure a smooth transition from analogue to digital television but failed. Flickr Franz Krüger, University of the Witwatersrand South Africa’s Constitutional Court has decided to strike down the government’s plans to end old-style analogue television broadcasting at the end of June. The decision upholds the right to information, which […]

The Art of Bribery: a Closeup Look at How Traffic Officers Operate on Kenya’s Roads

General Service Unit officers, part of Kenya’s police service, stop a commercial vehicle at a checkpoint. Tony Karumba//AFP via Getty Images Gedion Onyango, University of Nairobi A first-time driver on Kenyan roads is likely to think that commercial and passenger service vehicles are highly regulated. Drivers are frequently stopped by police officers, who are ubiquitous […]