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Fear Of An Iran War Sends Oil Prices Up

September 21, 2019//-Following the wildest week oil prices have seen in recent memory, markets are now on edge as the possibility of an Iran war increases.

CDG-GH: Increase In Transport Fares Affects Ghanaians Negatively; No Govt’s Support

Accra, Ghana, September 19, 2019//-The Caucus for Democratic Governance-Ghana (CDG-GH) has expressed concern that the 10% increase in transport fares as a result of fuel price increases is affecting Ghanaians negatively.

Drone Strikes Halt Half Of Saudi Crude Production

September 15, 2019//-Half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production has gone offline following a surprise drone strike.

Oil Demand Destruction: A Trade War Reality

September 13, 2019//-Chinese-US trade figures in August came in well below expectations illustrating the negative impact of the ongoing trade war. Chinese exports to the US in August were down 16%, while imports from the US dropped by 22%.

Trade War Hopes Halt Oil Price Slump

September 13, 2019//-Financial markets have received a boost from a perceived improvement in the trade war between China and the U.S., halting the most recent oil price slump.

Western Crusade Against Oil Hurting Africa Economic Growth

Lagos, Nigeria, September 11, 2019//-A prominent pan-African expert in the energy, extractive industries and financial sectors has defended the continued use of oil, particularly in the continent, amid a crusade by renewable energy campaigners in the West.

Explainer: How Nigeria Got Hit with a $9.6 Billion Judgment Debt In London

Oil and gas is the lifeblood of Nigeria’s economy. Wikimedia Commons Oludara Akanmidu, De Montfort University September 10, 2019//-Nigeria has received a legal hiding after a UK court awarded a private company a US$9.6 billion judgment debt against the West African nation.

Ghana: Transport Fares Go Up By 10%, Spark Prices Of Commodities To Rise

Accra, Ghana,  September 11, 2019//-Road transport operators in Ghana will from Monday 16, September 2019,  slap a 10% increase in transport fares for all transport services, following a hike in fuel price.

Time To Make Energy Work For Africa

September 2, 2019//-It is long past time that we made energy work for Africa. It is past time that Africa’s natural resources benefited Africans; that every African had access to electricity; and that the wealth created by oil and gas would lead to the sustainable development of African economies. 

Ghana: Prices Of Fuel Go Up Triggering General Increase Of Prices 

Accra, Ghana, September 2, 2019//-Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Ghana have increased prices of various petroleum products in the country which is expected to trigger general price hikes.

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