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COVID-19: Firmer Action Needed to Better Protect Consumers

Geneva, Switzerland, April 8, 2020//-The coronavirus pandemic has opened the floodgates of unfair, misleading and abusive business practices, hitting consumers hard and leaving the most vulnerable ones more disadvantaged.

Post COVID- 19: 5 Things Ghana Cocoa Board Can Do Differently To Sustain The Cocoa Sector

Accra, April 8, 2020//-Cocoa remains Ghana`s most important export crop representing nearly 40 percent of total exports.

What Food Retailers Should Do During the Coronavirus Crisis

April 6, 2020//-The food-retail industry plays a critical role in these uncertain times.

Coronavirus: A Threat To Ghana’s Aged Farmers and National Food Security

Accra, Ghana, April 2, 2020//-The outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 also known as COVID-19, is the new epidemic ravaging the world.

Keeping Global Food Chains Alive Is Crucial Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Rome, Italy, March 31, 2020//-The COVID-19 pandemic is putting enormous strains on the public health systems around the world, and millions of people in the world’s most advanced economies are in some form of quarantine.

Ghana: Food for All Launches COVID-19 Free Food Supply Program for Vulnerables

Accra, Ghana, March 24, 2020//-Food for All Africa has launched its Community Emergency Preparedness and Response initiative in Ghana to provide food supplies for the vulnerables affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across Ghana.

Can Vertical Farming Revolutionise Global Agriculture?

Cambridge, UK, March 19, 2020//-Vertical farming is the practice of growing plants indoors under fully controlled environmental conditions in many stacked layers, using artificial lighting instead of relying on the sun.

Kenyatta Calls for ‘African’ Solutions Over Nile Waters Dispute

March 14, 2020//-Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has called for “African solutions” in identifying the workable share of the River Nile waters.

Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism Launches $2.2M Project in Nigeria to Boost Fertilizer Supply

Abuja, Nigeria, March 13. 2020// – The Africa Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM) has kick-started a $2.2 million project to provide fertilizer suppliers in Nigeria with financial support to improve supply for 200,000 smallholder farmers.

Farmers Across Africa Benefit From Direct Market Access as Selina Opens Up Platform

Nairobi, Kenya,  March 13, 2020 – Selina Wamucii, the platform that helps businesses from anywhere in the world to buy and import food & agricultural produce from any African country has announced that it is opening up its platform to organized farmers groups and cooperatives to sell or export directly to markets worldwide.

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