Why Informal Waste Collection Shouldn’t Let Plastic Polluters Off the Hook

It’s unrealistic to expect that people can make enough money from collecting bottles to start their own business. Gulshan Khan via Getty Images Teresa Sandra Perez, Royal Holloway University of London There are an estimated 60,000 informal waste pickers, also known as reclaimers, in South Africa. They sift through mixed household waste, either from landfill […]

Use of Dirty Fuels is Pervasive in Ghana. What Can be Done to Transition to Clean Energy

Most rural households are still reliant on firewood for cooking. Harsha K R/Flickr, CC BY-SA Abdul-Wakeel Karakara Alhassan, University of Cape Coast Many Ghanaian households are energy poor. Households that use biomass like wood, grass, animal dung and charcoal are considered energy poor while households that use clean energy like electricity and liquefied petroleum gas […]