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Why Climate Change Fuels Violence Against Women

February 18, 2020//-The fight against climate change is not only a struggle to keep our planet livable. For many women, it can be a direct cause of violence.

Investing in Resilience

Disaster-prone countries are strengthening their ability to withstand climate events February 18, 2020//-Officials in The Bahamas have a blueprint for building up coastal resilience in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, after the islands were also hit with storms in 2016 and 2017.

Ghana And The Rosewood Curse

Accra, Ghana, February 6, 2020//-When the final stock is eventually taken, the illegal logging of rosewood would be found to have left a deep scar on Ghana and mostly its vulnerable people and communities.

Assessing Climate-Change Risk by Stress Testing for Financial Resilience

February 6, 2020//-As society braces for the potential havoc a changing climate could induce, it’s vital to gauge the range of shocks that the economy may soon endure.

Waste Woes in the World

January 31, 2020//-Have you thought about how much garbage you generate every day? Economists have looked at the data and it turns out that higher-income countries like the United States, Denmark, and New Zealand generate at least twice as much waste per capita than developing countries.

IOM, FAO Lead Partnership for Disaster Risk Reduction in West, Central Africa

Dakar, Senegal, January 31, 2020/ — The number of internally displaced people in West and Central Africa has more than doubled in the past three years driven by climate and environmental change, fast-paced urbanization, population growth and conflict.

Any Hope In Sight For The Shea Tree In Northern Ghana?

Wa, Upper West Region, Ghana, January 28, 2020//-Burning is still used as a method of clearing away the vegetation,leaving patches of bare land and burnt shrubs.

Zimbabwe: African Dev’t Bank Approves Grant for Disaster Risk Training

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, 23 January 2020 – The Board of the African Development Fund (ADF) on Wednesday approved a $685,000 grant to strengthen Zimbabwe’s capacity to manage disaster risks, including droughts, floods and tropical cyclones, through the Bank’s Africa Disaster Risk Financing (ADRiFi) programme.

Water Sachet Use in Ghana: How to Stop the Pollution

Several strategies are in play to arrest Ghana’s plastic pollution problem. Wikimedia Commons Alexander Diani Kofi Preko, University of Professional Studies Accra January 23, 2020//-Almost 2,500 tons of waste is generated daily in Accra. This is as a result of refuse being dumped and the environment being littered with polythene, bottles and drinking water sachets. […]

Ghana: UEW to Co-host UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

January 22, 2020//-The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) has selected the University of Education, Winneba,  (UEW) to co-host the UN SDSN in Ghana.

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