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Climate Change and Financial Risk

Central banks and financial regulators are starting to factor in climate change January 14, 2020//-Climate change is already a reality. Ever-more-ferocious cyclones and extended droughts lead to the destruction of infrastructure and the disruption of livelihoods and contribute to mass migration.

Extreme Events Are Reversing Development Goals

January 10, 2020//-Cyclones in the Caribbean and Pacific, devastating bushfires in Australia, recurrent floods and droughts in Asia and Africa, increasingly bring tragic loss of life to our nations and communities, inflicting physical and mental trauma on survivors, and causing irreparable damage to centuries old ways of life and undermining prospects for future prosperity and […]

How Africa Is Making the Most of Waste

Lagos, Nigeria, January 9, 2020/ — VA BizHive: Ventures Africa releases the second edition of its business series—Is waste the future?

Traditional Crops Puff Hopes for Climate Resilience in Kenya

January 9, 2020//-Two years ago, Michael Gichangi launched a business he hopes will help his rural community better cope with climate change stresses: making puffed cereal from climate-hardy traditional grains.

Climate Change: UN Talks in Madrid Hit Rough Waters

December 14, 2019//-UN climate talks appear to be in trouble as they head into extra time.

Droughts Set Southern Africa on Ticking Time Bomb

Luanda, Angola, December 9, 2019//-The severe food insecurity in Southern Africa has triggered numerous crises including child labour, child trafficking, early marriage and transactional sex that could lead to an HIV catastrophe.

Global Carbon Emissions Are on the Rise Again

December 5, 2019//-After good progress in the beginning of the decade, global carbon emissions have started to pick up again. This recent trend sets the world on a dangerous path: to slow the pace of climate change, carbon emissions need to be reduced.

Wild Plants from Four Continents Deliver Climate Change Lifeline for Crops

December 4, 2019//-As the world grapples with the challenge of sustainably feeding an increasing population in the face of harsh and unpredictable growing conditions, a report released today presents the results of a major global effort to prepare agricultural crops for climate change. 

Climate Change: COP25 Talks Open as ‘Point of No Return’ in Sight

December 2, 2019//-Political leaders and climate diplomats are meeting in Madrid for two weeks of talks amid a growing sense of crisis.

Finnish Dairy Giant Hopes to Achieve Carbon Neutral Dairy by 2035

December 2, 2019//-The world’s most innovative dairy, Valio has set an ambitious goal of carbon neutral dairy by 2035.

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