Africa Risks Losing Out on Trade as Rich Countries Cement Relationships with Trusted Partners

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida greets US Vice President Kamala in Tokyo. Washington is focused on moving close to partners it can trust. Photo by David Mareuil/Pool/Getty Images Jonathan Munemo, Salisbury University Over the past few years, the world’s supply chains have been strained and disrupted by the COVID pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and […]

Govt Leaders Deliver OECD Roadmap for Rural Development at Conference in Ireland

The 13th OECD Rural Development Conference has concluded with the delivery of the Cavan-OECD Roadmap on Strengthening Rural Resilience against Global Challenges. The two-day Conference was hosted by the Government of Ireland and convened around 500 delegates from 30 OECD countries, including Government ministers, senior policy makers and stakeholders in the rural sector. Centred on the objective of “building […]