Artificial intelligence in South Africa Comes with Special Dilemmas – Plus the Usual Risks

3rdtimeluckystudio/Shutterstock Emile Ormond, University of South Africa When people think about artificial intelligence (AI), they may have visions of the future. But AI is already here. At its base, it is the recreation of aspects of human intelligence in computerised form. Like human intelligence, it has wide application. Voice-operated personal assistants like Siri, self-driving cars, […]

New DFC, Mastercard Collaboration to Provide up to $50M in Potential Financing to Enable Digitisation

Washington DC, US// At the close of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and Mastercard announced a collaboration to increase support to financial institutions, agricultural and technology companies, and other businesses engaged with Mastercard Community Pass, a digital platform designed to address infrastructure challenges that arise in digitizing rural communities, such as […]

Ghana Digitised its Address System: Its Failure Offers Lessons to Other African Countries Creating Smart Cities

Property address has long been a problem in Ghana Wikimedia Commons Louis Kusi Frimpong, University of Environment and Sustainable Development ; Matthew Abunyewah, Charles Darwin University; Seth Asare Okyere, University of Arizona, and Stephen Kofi Diko, University of Memphis Smart urbanism is about using digital technologies to address urban problems. Across the continent, digital technologies […]