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MultiChoice Ghana Launches Package for Businesses

Accra, Ghana, June 29, 2018//-MultiChoice Ghana has launched a new package for its commercial subscribers in the country.

Is China the ‘Sleeping Giant’ of Blockchain Technology?

June 24, 2018//-As recently as last September, the People’s Bank of China announced an immediate ban on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) — a method employed by blockchain startups to fund development — and cryptocurrency exchanges in the country.

Blockchain Beyond the Hype: What is the Strategic Business Value?

Companies can determine whether they should invest in blockchain by focusing on specific use cases and their market position. June 20, 2018//-Speculation on the value of blockchain is rife, with Bitcoin—the first and most infamous application of blockchain—grabbing headlines for its rocketing price and volatility.

Why Africa Is A Hotspot For Digital Health

June 12, 2018//-Digital health in Africa is booming, and that is the greatest news since the invention of broadband internet connection. The flourishing of disruptive solutions might go down to the fact that instead of relying on traditional infrastructure and a conventional healthcare system, populations in Africa need cheap, easily accessible and genuinely problem-solving technologies.

Ghana: Innovative Approach in Fight Against Corruption Takes Off

Accra, Ghana, June 7, 2018//-Ghanaians’ perception of corruption especially within the public sector service delivery/political circles remains high.

Cassava Fintech, Comviva Win East Africa Com Award 2018

Nairobi, Kenya, June 4, 2018: Cassava Fintech and Comviva have jointly won the East Africa Com Award in “Fintech Innovation Award” category for EcoCash Merchant Payments powered by mobiquity® Money.

EXCLUSIVE:  Co-Founder & COO of Nigeria’s Rising Startup Zoto Unveils His Vision for Africa

Accra, Ghana, June 1, 2018//-Oshone Ikazoboh, the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Zoto, a product of Hedonmark Management Services Limited and Nigeria’s fastest growing payment solution, has unveiled his vision for the Nigeria market and rest of Africa.

The Long and Short of The Digital Revolution

Smart policies can alleviate the short-term pain of technological disruption and pave the way for long-term gain May 30, 2018//-Digital platforms are recasting the relationships between customers, workers, and employers as the silicon chip’s reach permeates almost everything we do—from buying groceries online to finding a partner on a dating website.

Ghanaians Develop Myaidfund Crowdfunding Platform for Fundraising 

Accra, Ghana, May 28, 2018//-Africa’s number one crowdfunding platform, MYAIDFUND.COM has been developed by young Ghanaians to help individuals, churches, institutions, among others to raise funds online and offline.

Changing the African Narrative Through Social Media Platforms

May 26, 2018//-Social media platforms are providing Africans with an opportunity to counter negative stereotypes by giving them representational agency.

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