Consumer Electronics Have Changed a lot in 20 Years – Systems for Managing E-waste Aren’t Keeping Up

Most of the world’s electronics are not recycled, posing health and environmental risks. catscandotcom/Getty Images Callie Babbitt, Rochester Institute of Technology and Shahana Althaf, Yale University It’s hard to imagine navigating modern life without a mobile phone in hand. Computers, tablets and smartphones have transformed how we communicate, work, learn, share news and entertain ourselves.

Unique ID’s Importance in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

December 15, 2020. The world is facing an identification gap problem. The World Bank has estimated that around one billion people, the majority of them in sub-Saharan Africa, encounter significant challenges when proving their identities and exercising basic human rights set out in international laws—voting, getting a quality education, receiving social and medical benefits, or finding legal employment.