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AI Set to Replace Managers’ Workloads

Johannesburg, South Africa, January 24, 2020//-Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies will replace 69 percent of work currently done by managers by 2024.

Scores of ‘Yahoo Boys’ Nabbed at Nigeria Nightclub

Lagos, Nigeria, January 22, 2020//-Nigerian authorities have arrested 89 suspected internet fraudsters during a raid at a nightclub southwest of the country.

Weak Passwords Caused 30% of Ransomware Infections in 2019  

January 20, 2020//-As one of the leading types of cyber-attacks, ransomware is expected to dominate cybercrime in 2020.

Chris LeGrand Spearheads Global Operations of BroadReach Consulting

Nairobi, Kenya January 17th, 2020//-BroadReach Consulting, an innovative technology-driven entity, focused on developing global healthcare solutions with many projects in Africa, has announced that Chris LeGrand will take up the position of Global Group CEO as of 1 February 2020. 

Why is Africa a Prime Target for Cybercrime?

January 17, 2020//-Technology is taking over almost every aspect of our lives, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Technology has made tremendous contributions to worldwide development, including in Africa.

US Health Data Breaches Rise with 40 Million Affected in 2019 Alone

January 16, 2020//-Data gathered by PreciseSecurity shows that in 2019 health records for 40 million Americans were breached. This is the highest number of health data breaches since 2015.

NSO Group Hearing to Play Vital role in Corporate Spyware’s Future

January 16, 2020//-Today a court hearing in Tel Aviv, Israel, began what could be a defining point in the development of corporate spyware, as a judge considers whether to revoke the export license of NSO Group.

Personal Data Left Exposed by UK Film Company

January 15, 2020//-A data breach at UK-based Fresh Film Productions, which makes adverts for high-profile companies including Unilever, has exposed sensitive personal data of participants in antiperspirant brand Dove’s ‘real people’ campaign.

Cybersecurity Threats Call for a Global Response

January 13, 2020//-Last March, Operation Taiex led to the arrest of the gang leader behind the Carbanak and Cobalt malware attacks on over 100 financial institutions worldwide.

Ghana Goes Paperless Amid Privacy Concerns

December 29, 2019//-Plans to digitise business transactions and government services could boost Ghana’s impressive economic growth, but as Charlie Mitchell reports, its citizens have concerns about data protection.

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