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Why Technology Is Not a Bubble

June 19, 2018//-For a look at just how much technology dominates global markets, consider this: the market capitalization of the largest technology companies globally is now comparable to the annual GDP of Europe’s largest economies.

How Digital Transformation Can Drive Growth, Job Creation for Emerging Economies

Algiers, Algeria, June 14, 2018/ — Innovation and entrepreneurship play an ever-increasing role in growing Africa’s emerging technology ecosystem.

Digital Procurement in Private Equity: Unlocking Sustainable Impact

June 6, 2018//-A careful review of purchasing is typically part of any private-equity (PE) playbook, with procurement savings factoring prominently into 100-day and longer-term business plans.

How CCTV Surveillance Poses a Threat to Privacy in South Africa

June 4, 2018//-Locational privacy is a fairly new and novel aspect of privacy rights. It refers to the right of people to move about freely, without having their movements tracked.

Ingenico Deploys Fraud-less Subsidy Program in Rural Zambia

Paris, France, June 4, 2018/ — Ingenico Group, the world leader in seamless payment, supported the roll-out of a secure biometric solution in Zambia in partnership with Paycode.

Zambia High Commission London Warns the Public of Online Employment Fraud

London, United Kingdom, June 1, 2018/ — The Zambia High Commission in London has warned the public that there is a scam in which unsuspecting individuals are being offered employment contracts by a named multilateral corporation with operations in the United Kingdom.

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies

What is a cryptocurrency? May 30, 2018//-A cryptocurrency is a digitally-encrypted and decentralized virtual currency that is secured by a public ledger called a blockchain. The cryptocurrency industry is not controlled by any government or form of a centralized institution like a bank.

Challenges in blockchain and Distributed Ledger

May 28, 2018//-A utopian view of blockchain technology often glosses over potential drawbacks. In the cryptocurrency market, various blockchain networks are constantly making changes to the code to show they can improve performance and handle the massive scale required to process millions of transactions.

Why EU’s Data Privacy Rules Matter for Kenyan Businesses

May 25, 2018//-In the wake of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data security breaches, the EU has brought into force one of the most sweeping extra-territorial legislation on privacy.

eTranzact Sacks MD, Others Over Alleged Fraud

Lagos, Nigeria, May 24, 2018// – eTranzact International Plc has fired its Managing Director, Valentine Obi and some of its other directors will step down, after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) asked the senior management of the payment processor company to resign.

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