Ghana: Aya Institute Receives Support from Newcastle University  

Dr. Carol Donkor, Chief Gender Officer for Gender Watch Ghana; an initiative of the Aya Institute for Women, Politics and Media

Accra, Ghana, August 13, 2019//-The School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University, United Kingdom has announced a three-year tuition waiver support to awardees of the upcoming Gender and Media Awards.

The awards scheme is  being instituted by the Aya Institute for Women, Politics and Media, an organization focused on, among other things, research, training and advisory services towards closing the gender gap in politics and media industries.

In a letter signed by the Head of Media, Culture, Heritage, Dr. Darren Kelsey expressed their happiness to support two women journalist awardees to come to The School of Arts, Newcastle University.

The tuition waiver will allow the two women journalists the opportunity to attend MA level Courses for a semester of their choosing, depending on their interests.

He also stated that the awardees will be welcomed into the Subject Group at the School and to participate in seminars and other activities.

The Aya Institute in its bid to promote gender responsive reporting and programming has introduced a number of awards to encourage journalists, media managers and producers to involve women at all levels of news making and programming to reflect the complete and diverse picture that society is.

According to the institute, “This is important because the media is a critical machinery capable of shaping our narratives, our perceptions, and the status of women and men in society, and so, the stories that the media tell and how women feature will be critical to achieving SDG 5 which is Gender Equality”.

The Aya institute hopes that the awards will advance gender equality in the media industry by facilitating the tangible presence of “women’s issues”, reengineering more empowered coverage of those issues, promoting the use of women as expert sources and subjects, and finally, integrating and normalising women at all levels of the media spaces and around all subject matters discussed in the media.

In the coming weeks the Aya Institute in collaboration with its implementing partner will announce the various categories of awards and call for entries.

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