Ahead Of Xmas: Online Sales Of Electronics Bounce Back

tonatonSALES of electronic devices have started soaring. More people are putting up electronic devices for sale online because of the Christmas festivities, according to officials of Tonaton.com, Ghana’s biggest online marketplace.

The simple reason is that the festive season presents an opportunity for a lot of people to show love to the most important people in their lives. That is when people are spending so you need to make hay and what a good time to sell!

Kofi Boateng is a father of three who operates a transport business in Tema and had this to say “I’m selling my old LG TV set so I can afford to buy my family a flat screen TV for Christmas”.

By October this year, the volume of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and TV sets posted on Tonaton.com alone have grown by 83% compared to the same period last year.

The growth in online marketplaces has certainly changed the mode of buying and selling in Ghana. And this phenomenon will become more marked this Christmas as consumers look across online classified websites to either buy or sell because of convenience and the wide array of choice.

“We are entering a period where people tend to scratch their heads for which presents will be ideal for the family and friends. Fortunately the continuous innovation in electronic gadgets with its appeal to consumers continue to make them the most ideal presents.

A glimpse at the wide array of devices available on Tonaton.com shows that one can buy gifts for everyone including the kids,” remarks Kwabena Opoku-Boakye, Marketing Manager for Tonaton.com. “This perhaps is the more reason why the quantity of electronic items posted on our website far surpasses all the other categories,” he concludes.

The most common item within the electronics category is mobile phones and the most popular brands are Samsung, Nokia, Apple, HTC, Huawei and Sony.

The growth in internet usage as a result of the high levels of mobile phone penetration has certainly brought with it a fast and a more cost-effective marketplace than ever before. It is already possible for buyers to search for any item of their choice on Tonaton.com. One can restrict a search to the electronic brand of choice in a given locality. Sellers are also assured of attracting potential buyers from the over 900,000 monthly unique visitors to the website.

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