Talks at GS: On Venture Capital, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

George Lee of Goldman Sachs and Naval Ravikant of AngelList

March 7, 2018//-Renowned Silicon Valley angel investor Naval Ravikant wants to democratize venture capital with his latest venture, AngelList, an online hub where angel investors meet startups.

 Ravikant, who is co-founder and CEO of AngelList, has also emerged as a leading thinker on cyptocurrency and blockchain.

In a Talks at GS session held at the Goldman Sachs Private Internet Company Conference, Ravikant explained how cryptocurrencies and blockchain, in particular, are bringing in a broader group of investors, reshaping markets and potentially redefining how companies–even nations and economies–are built.

“Blockchains allow you to bring that ‘skin-in-the-game’-style voting, consensus and aggregation of resources into all kinds of places where markets would normally not exist.

And so that’s really fundamental, and it’s allowing us to remake things that normally required a centralized authority in a decentralized way,” he said.

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