Sapphire Scents Set to Operate in Ghana

L-R CEO, Sapphirescents, Adewale presenting a bespoke to former President Rawlings

Accra, January 12, 2018//-With its recorded success in Nigeria, UK and many parts of the world, Perfume Conglomerate “Sapphire Scents” is set to launch its operations in Ghana.

With the passion of the current Akufo-Addo administration to create an enabling environment for creating more jobs for individuals, Sapphire Scents deemed it fit to become operational in Ghana thereby aligning its company’s objectives to the aspiration of all Ghanaians.

Speaking on innovation, Master Perfumer, Adewale Aladejana indicated that Sapphire Scents perfumes are not conventional perfumes that are seen around, he stressed that the products are very rare and they are known to create an enabling environment that nourishes both Body and Spirit.

He also added that wearing a perfume is more than just smelling good; Sapphire Scents fragrance truly represents you and accentuate your presence thus making you very distinguished.

One of the key products lies in Agar Wood also known as OUD which is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. Oud perfumes are known to be very natural oil-based perfumes with long-lasting fragrance and they are 100percent perfume oil which makes them rare; this gives it the ability to last very long.

One of the very numerous advantages of Sapphire Scents coming into Ghana is the creation of job opportunities for individuals who will like to become distributors. With the expansion of its operations in Ghana, distributors who are stylish can now have the opportunity to get paid every day. Why should you be an employee when you can own your own business or earn extra income easily?

Sapphire Scents began its operations from Nigeria in April 2015. Sapphire Scents is a wholesale and retail company that sells rare fragrances like Oud, Frankincense and Myrrh. Sapphire Scents team scouts the Middle East for the rarest and most alluring perfumes and bring them to Africa and sell at very affordable prices thus creating a niche in the society.

Their products ranges from Attars, Bespoke (Customized) Perfumes and Industrial Diffusers which can be used in various companies, hotels, events centres and living rooms.

Currently, Sapphire Scents Ghana has started its promotional activities on the various Social Media Channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn @SapphireScentsGH.

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