Naa Dedei Botchwey: Ghana’s Most Beautiful Shines Light On Inclusive Education

Ms Naa Dedei Botchwey, Reigning Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen

Accra, Ghana//-Ms Naa Dedei Botchwey, the reigning Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen is shining light on inclusive education in the country through her foundation.

 According to experts, inclusion in education refers to a model in which students with special needs spend most or all of their time with non-special (general education) needs students.

To this end, the foundation christened as Naa Dedei Botchwey (NDB) Foundation launched in February 2021 has partnered with Laweh Open University to offer full scholarships for two women.

“We have opened up a scholarship to Laweh Open University College which people are currently applying to”, she told African Eye Report in an interview.

Located in Nungua in the Greater Accra Region, the college is said to be the first authorized Open University College in Ghana established in 2014.

As an open supported learning institution offering certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate courses, Laweh is a global partner with the Franklin University, USA.

Ms Naa Dedei Botchwey

Additionally, this Easter Ms Botchwey held a party that brought brands together to donate to a shelter that takes care of teenage mums and orphans.

The shelter was chosen because it also serves as a free educational facility to the children it caters for, the Greater Accra Region representative of the Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) 2020 edition and overall winner, explained.

“We have begun a process to build a library in Dawatrim in the Easter Region of Ghana. We are on the way to partner with the Ghana Library Authority so that we can build more libraries in communities across the country”.

Passion for inclusive education

Her passion for education stems from the fact that education has the power to transform families and lives in society.

Ms Botchwey said: “Education is also everything we learn outside the classroom that helps us live our lives. I figured everybody needs education to become somebody but some people are naturally left in the back from no fault of theirs so I thought “why not help them while I can”.

Ms Naa Dedei Botchwey

When asked whether the NDB Foundation is her Ghana’s Most Beautiful project, she answered in the negative. But Ms Botchwey explained that; “the foundation is an organisation that will champion inclusive education, beyond the GMB project”.

What next after handing over the crown

The affable beauty queen told this pan-African news website that she would continue to work tirelessly towards promoting inclusivity in education in Ghana and beyond.

Ms Botchwey also revealed that she would further her education and look for new opportunities to grow her career.

Ms Naa Dedei Botchwey

Key to journey to success

“Everyone has got something in them and everyone will face several challenges. The difference between those who make it and those who don’t is that those who make it never stop trying.

Every single day, I do something towards reaching where I want to be, even if it’s just pep talking myself”, she stated philosophically.


As a beauty queen, Ms Botchwey acknowledged that women are powerful no matter what form they come in and the world needs to give them back their place and let them use their power to make everyone’s life better.

As a communicator, she can steer any idea or organisation to make global impact with her tact, professionalism and flair.

What does she stand for

Ms Botchwey stands for truth. “It is important that we remain true to ourselves and others”.


Ms Botchwey used the occasion to advise young ladies who want to wear the crown to have a purpose for the crown, saying it will take them places.

The Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen in mask

“To young Africans, take your future into your own hands and work tirelessly towards it. Take up space, be daring, you can be anything you want to be. Just go and get it”, she added.

Qualification and experience

Naa Dedei Botchwey is a professional communicator who holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra.

She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the Central University, Ghana.

She possesses excellent communication skills coupled with her uncanny ability to communicate across all levels and the ability to connect with diverse individuals while establishing trusting relationships.

Ms Botchwey affectionately called Naa has over five years’ experience in Corporate Communication, Public Relations and Advertising.

Additionally, the beauty queen has under her belt, several years of voluntary work and internships in Education, Journalism and Law combined.

Ms Naa Dedei Botchwey, Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen

Some of the brands Ms Botchwey has worked with include Nestle, Orca Deco, Boss Baker, Olam, International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), UNFPA, Unilever, Afroqliq UK, UNICEF, DAkpabli, DataBank Foundation and Renaissance Group.

She won the 2020 edition of Ghana’s Most Beautiful Pageant and is on record as the most decorated contestant.

She became famous for the intelligence, creativity and eloquence she exhibited during the show. The GMB beauty pageant is organised by TV3, a leading free-to-air private TV station in Ghana.

Ms Naa Dedei Botchwey

Favourite quote and hobbies

Her favourite quote that has inspired her journey is: “The world is a space for everyone but you can make your world whatever you want it to be”. Her hobbies are reading and traveling.

By Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh, African Eye Report

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