How Does Sportstake 8 Work?

Bafana vs Super Eagles

Are you a South African football fan? Now that the World Cup is over, many football fans are exhausted from all the excitement and are looking for the next thrilling thing to focus their attention on. Sportstake 8 is here to fill the void.

The ITHUBA National Lottery runs the gambling game known as Sportstake 8. Predicting the outcomes of games is a great way to see how well you know and understand football.

Having to put so many wagers on a single piece of paper adds an element of chance and heightens the excitement of the game. The schedules are compiled from top international leagues as well as South African leagues.

After the success of Sportstake 13, Ithuba released Sportstake 8 in 2019 and it was also a big hit. In the Sportstake 8 pool of the National Lottery, people have to guess the results of both halves of eight games from different leagues. Sportstake 8 fixtures are based only on the 1X2 markets.

Let’s learn a bit more about how Sportstake 8 works and how to maximize your wins.

Quick facts about Sportstake 8

  • All of your 16 wagers are on the same piece of paper.
  • The lowest possible stake per match is R2.
  • You may wager a maximum of R2,000.
  • There are 3 drawings every week.
  • Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, a new fixture is released.
  • A ticket may be bought online, or at any authorized lottery shop.
  • Tickets can be purchased up to half an hour before the first game.

How to play Sportstake 8?

Sportstake 8 is unlike any other betting pool. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with its rules and procedures is crucial. This section provides a nice illustration of how to use Sportstake 8.

You will get a piece of paper with eight games listed on it. You will be asked to provide your prediction for both the first and second halves of the game.

To win the Sportstake 8 Jackpot, you need to make eight correct predictions for the first halves of the games and eight correct predictions for the second halves. Each half is treated separately. So, if the score is 0-0 at halftime, for example, but the result changes to 1:0 in the second half, you would need to successfully predict both scores and state them clearly on your lottery slip to win the jackpot.

Conversely, in Sportstake 13, you just need to make a guess for the final outcome to win, but in Sportstake 8, you need to do some research on the teams you are betting for. Some teams are slow starters and usually lose the first half before coming back strongly in the second half, while other teams lead at the half before losing in the second half.

How to mark your Sportstake 8 fixture?

Getting your hands on a Sportstake 8 betslip, which may be purchased through a lottery store or the lottery’s official website, is the first step in the game. Eight predetermined soccer matches will be printed on the slip. When referring to a particular game, the home team will be listed first, followed by the away team. Each of the eight matches requires you to provide a symbol representing your prediction of the halftime result.

You should input 1 if you believe the home side will score more goals in the first half, and 2 if you think the away team will win the first half. If you’re guessing a draw, write X. The final scores of each 45-minute half are taken into account (referee additional time is included, but overtime and penalty shootouts are not). If you accidentally make a mistake when writing on your slip, check the cancel box.

How to play Sportstake 8 online?

If you want to play Sportstake 8 online, you’ll need to sign up for an account with the National Lotteries, which can be done quickly and simply by clicking the “Register” option on their website. After signing up, you’ll need to add money to your account before you can begin playing.

How to get your Sportstake 8 winnings?

Depending on the amount of your prize, you may be required to pick it up from different locations. Prizes up to R2000 may be collected at participating retailers, those between R2000 and R50,000 at their local post office, and those beyond R50,000 at the ITHUBA headquarters.

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