Ghanaian Pilot Shares His Experience in Flying, Consoles Families of Ethiopian Airlines Disaster

Ghanaian pilot, Mills Lamptey

Accra, Ghana, March 17, 2019//-Ghanaian pilot, Mills Lamptey (Capt.) with 40 years of flying experience and has flown on eight different aircraft expressed condolences to the bereaved families of the Ethiopian Airlines disaster .

“The Ethiopian airline B737 Max situation is sad, painful and unfortunate. My deepest condolences go to the bereaved families”, Mr Lamptey said in a short perspective.

Recently, the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashed shortly after it took off for the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, killing all 157 people on board.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 had a technical issue which had to be corrected, by the manufacturer, Boeing. However, this correction had not been communicated effectively by the manufacturer. Hence what has happened in Ethiopia recently and Indonesia six months ago.

It is imperative for the manufacturer to ensure meticulous cross checks to avoid such unfortunate situations.

Mr Tewolde, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, who also had grounded their B737 Max aircraft said, the Aviation Authorities also in other nations must have good reason to ground the aircraft adding that safety is paramount and grounding is the right thing to do. “Extreme precaution” was needed and “all of us who have grounded the plane have very good justification,” Mr Tewolde said.

Grounding of the B737 Max was a prudent and pragmatic decision by all who took the initiative to do so themselves. We cannot afford to compromise safety and security with regards to human lives.

Ethiopian Airlines is one of the best Airlines in the world.

Ghana is collaborating with Ethiopian Airlines to setup the National Airline, of which Ghana has the majority shares 51% and Ethiopian Airlines 49%. However, the general Ghanaian public would have 41% (private public partnership) and Ghana Government’s share is 10%.

We have experienced Ghanaian pilots abroad who have shown interest in coming home to be part of the national airline. The combination of their rich experience would contribute immensely to a successful incoming National Airline. Safety and security would definitely not be compromised, passenger hospitality and comfort would be assured.

The Minister of Aviation has mandated me to undertake the operational dimension of the national airline to recruit pilots etc and facilitating other projects within the ongoing process.

In my opinion, the government’s vision for a national airline in collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines would be successful.

In addition to all the above, may I humbly draw your attention that I acknowledge the presence of The Almighty God who has been with me in my going out and coming in, God has delivered me from a number of incidents I encountered during my forty years experience as a pilot from ab-initio, to second officer, first officer, snr first officer and captain.

Starting from the Cessna 172, to Cessna 310, HS748, Fokker28, DC9, DC10, Boeing 757 and Bae146,  I can confidently say if it had not been for The Almighty God on my side where would I be?

To God be the Glory! Great things He has done.

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