Ghana Leadership Union Calls For Political Change Now!

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso, the USA based Co-Founder and President of Ghana Leadership Union (GLU)

Accra, Ghana, May 21, 2020//-Dr. Kwaku A. Danso, the USA based Co-Founder and President of Ghana Leadership Union (GLU) has called for an immediate political change in his home country Ghana.

According to him, “The time to change Ghana is now in 2020. And this can be done by voting into power Parliamentary and Presidential Candidates on an Independent platform. The time is now!”

Dr Danso who is throwing his weight behind some independent candidates in this year’s election said politicians should prove their worth in debates instead of buying their way to power through one of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the National Democratic Congress (NDC) clubs.

He asserted: “For Ghana to survive it is time for Ghanaian youth and the sinking middle class to coalesce around an Independent Political Platform of honest dedicated Ghanaians willing and ready to sacrifice to serve their nation. They have to stand toe to toe against the corrupt politicians and their deceptive vote buying bribery tactics

His Solutions to Ghana’s Problems

Dr Danso argued that the problems of Ghana are not insurmountable as Ghana is one of the most blessed nations with both material resources of gold, diamonds, minerals and oil, as well as trained human resources, albeit scattered around the globe but most ready to return home.


“No nation can be modern without the application of science and technology. The base of most economic development and job creation is application of technology to improve the living conditions of man.

This is the basis of financial growth! Ghana has missed the boat and we need a new direction. We must learn to participate in the production of solutions as we also consume”.


Despite low delivery on housing, with an estimated shortage of about 2 million homes annually, the government had spent GHC 10-15 billion per year under the NDC.

Also a whopping GHC30-31 billion was spent in 2018-2019 under the governing NPP on government payroll and expenditure alone out of the estimated GHC 66 Billion GDP, he said.

“Half this expenditure could have gone into Mortgage Finance for Homes and would have created more than a million jobs.

Instead the NPP government is spending $600 million to pay 100,000 graduates a paltry GHC 700 ($120) per month for three years under a program called Nation’s Builders Corp (NABCO. We can do better as a people”.


Despite some small gains such as a new Terminal 3 of the Kotoka International Airport was completed by the previous Mahama administration and other major housing, health, education, and road projects, the country still needs more of such development projects.

Dr Danso specifically mentioned the 617-bed hospital of the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) at Legon with an Israeli loan of $500 million, the 5,000 Homes Community in Saglemi for $200 million, and many school buildings, were started and completed by the Mahama-led NDC government.

At the same time, several hospital projects, schools, cocoa roads, among others were abandoned for more than three years by the governing Akufo-Addo led NPP government, he added.

“The answer is that the NDC had also not continued major highway and housing projects started by the NPP in the 2000s. None of them think of the state losing tens of millions of dollars in wasted capital and interest payments on the loans. The public expenditure burden has jumped from around GHS10 billion in 2012-2016 to around GHC 30 Billion by 2018-2019”.


The effort by the current administration to boost up farming is in the right direction. However, in typical fashion of the partisanship, there has been little openness to the public about the financing and nobody will provide public accountability, according to Dr Danso.

Work Together

“These examples simply illustrate the need for a new direction by a new set of leadership in a new generation. The message has still not gotten to the NPP and the NDC leadership that Ghana belongs to all the people of Ghana, domestic and Diaspora, and that we as a people cannot survive unless and until we learn to work together towards a common purpose for all, instill discipline, manage our resources and nation according to our endowment, and be accountable to the people”.

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