WISE Network Ghana Supports Female Ghanaian Artist in Dubai Exhibition

Madam Sheila Ocloo in the middle

Dubai, UAE//-Two events have been organized by the Women Intelligentsia for Service and Excellence (WISE) Network Ghana to further advance its commitment to empowering women to live fulfilled lives, while impacting their space.

The first, an art masterclass, dubbed, “Touch the Brush”, was held on October 3, 2021 for Emirati corporate women and women-led businesses. The event took place at the KIZA Restaurant, DIFC- Dubai, on the sidelines of the “Africa-Dubai Summit.

“Touch the Brush” is an initiative that seeks to provide a platform for women from varied backgrounds to network; explore their creativity while experimenting with the art of painting; patronize indigenous Ghanaian-made products such as, beaded accessories and fashion items, not to mention but a few.

Madam Sheila Ocloo facilitated the workshop, which attracted patronage from diverse women groupings.

The second event, christened, “Paint and Play the Pain Away”, took place on October 7, 2021, with Rebecca’s Bridals, JVC-Dubai, as the venue.

This collaborative initiative between the WISE Network and the Sheila Ocloo Foundation featured an art masterclass as well as a fashion/painting exhibition. The engaging and interactive event brought together, women from the corporate world as well as women entrepreneurs, from the host country.

“Paint and Play the Pain Off”, afforded the event attendees the opportunity todemonstrate their creativity through the art of painting and music, while receiving expert tutelage from Madam Sheila Ocloo.

The exhibition showcased various Ghanaian-made costumes and fashion accessories designed with intricate bead-work, as well as art paintings inspired by the Sheila Ocloo Foundation.

Speaking at the event, Dr Mrs Genevieve Duncan, President of the WISE Network- Ghana Chapter, said: “In keeping with its commitment to expose, support and build the capacity of women and women-led businesses to reach the zenith of their potential in all spheres of their lives, the WISE Network has come to throw its full weight behind the laudable efforts of Sheila Ocloo and her Foundation”.

Madam Sheila Ocloo at work

“We believe that the platform offered here at this event in Dubai is one that will, undoubtedly, serve as a launch-pad for propelling the work of the Sheila Ocloo Foundation onto the global scene,” Dr Duncan Oboubi further reiterated.

The two events, enjoyed sponsorship from an elite group of highly successful businesses and individuals, including, Tarragon Edge Ltd, Financial Inclusion Africa, Ladies in Business, MS Education Consultants, Rebecca’s Bridals, Jacksnipe Grace Abounds Foundation, Dr Gevevieve Pearl Consult and Dr Aloysia.

Madam Sheila Ocloo is a Ghanaian art/music enthusiast and adept at playing the saxophone and acoustic guitar. Her inspirational artistic collections include paintings from various Ghanaian women, especially widows.

Madam Sheila Ocloo at the exhibition

The Sheila Ocloo Foundation, her brain-child, supports these widows, especially in the deprived communities of Ghana to not only express themselves through the medium of painting and music, but to earn an income through the funds raised from the sale of their art-work.

“Paint and Play the Pain Off”, has contributed significantly to improving the living conditions of this marginalized and vulnerable group of women.

Madam Sheila Ocloo in action

Officially launched on 21st May, 2020, the WISE Network-Ghana Chapter, is a community of women from diverse backgrounds, committed to pursuing excellence in all endeavors, sharing knowledge to impact others and their communities as well as empowering more women to live fulfilled lives.

By Enid Araba Asamoah