While I am Alive

Lorrencia Nkrumah, Author of the article

January 6, 2018//-When people die, suddenly everyone becomes their friend; even those who hated and disliked them will be saying how good the departed was.

Suddenly the eulogies become “emotionally sincere” about how great the person was when they were alive.
Inasmuch as this is hypocritical, that’s the sad reality of human existence.
Life is fleeting

Life is short, so if you love someone, Don’t be afraid to let them know.

Honor  people while they are alive
I have seen parents who never ate a whole chicken in their lifetime but had excess chicken and all types of meat, drinks and assorted food at their funerals.

While your parents are alive, take care of them, pamper them because if for nothing at all, they brought you into this world.

Make a deliberate effort to honor your parents.

Perhaps they may have hurt you but it’s time to let go of the pain and forgive them.
I have seen family members wallow in abject poverty with no one to help but God forbid they die, and they will be buried in  the very latest coffin to meet their maker.

Does the Akan  adage “ebusua d) funn” really reflect the State of our thinking?

Why can’t we just be real to each other?
We drive past beggers on the street, we shove off dirty children who knock on our cars to ask for change, some even claim the beggers are witches and wizards who will use the change to work against them spiritually but I ask, what about those who are not evil?
Some of us have a perception that people who beg on the streets are just lazy and “useless” but if you feel that way how about helping them find something to do to keep them off the streets?
At funerals, we go in our best attires and In this day of technology, we take selfies and photos of the bereaved for social media, eat ,dance and go back home and forget about them totally- at the funeral, the widow is seen with different people all consoling her but what happens when the music stops and everyone goes home? Who will help her take care of the children?
Are you being a blessing?
Have you been a blessing to someone in your lifetime before? A random act of kindness without expecting anything in return, have you?
When it comes to Christianity, we are the first to go pray for people who are sick, and in trouble and tell them God will take care of them- and we leave. I am not against prayer, no but I believe prayer alone cannot feed hungry and poor people.
In my opinion, God will not come down from heaven to cater for the sick, that’s why he’s put you in a position to help someone who really needs it but the question is why aren’t you helping?
Prosperity is not measured by your wealth, prosperity is measured by how many lives you are able to touch and Change for the better. A rich man is Someone who remembers another literally when he eats and drinks.
Take a walk into your closet, take a 360 turn, are you not overwhelmed by the stuff you’ve not worn in years?

The shoes, the bags, are getting mouldy yet you keep piling and buying new ones but at whose expense?

There’s someone out there who needs just a shoe and thier daily living will be better. Someone needs new clothes to keep them warm at night and here you are with more than enough yet you still want more.

Let them go, bless someone today and experience the joy that comes with giving.

If you are in a position to help someone while they’re alive and need your help, please don’t hesitate; help them.
If someone deserves an award or commendation, don’t wait for them to die, let them know while they are here and now.
Husbands and wives, love each other, make time for yourself and stop dwelling on what your partner isn’t. Appreciate who they are to you today.

Because life is short

Let’s be generous to each other

Let go of the “hypocritical love”

Remember Everything we do for people we do as unto God.
Mat 25:40-45



Source: lorrencia.wordpress.com


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