UAE’s Digital Gift Card Firm Introduces Rewards Solutions for Employers

Husain Makiya_CEO of Ltd

Dubai, UAE, April 13, 2019 – YouGotaGift, the leading digital gift card company in the Middle East, has introduced Rewards by YouGotaGift, an employee rewards solution for organisations of all sizes across the region.

Employers wanting to reward employees for job performance, outstanding projects, safety awards, innovation or for being chosen as ‘employee of the month’, now have a fast, easy and convenient way of providing a valuable employee reward.

The company already provides digital solutions for individual gifting, customer rewards and loyalty redemption.

“Every employer has a different way of rewarding their employees throughout the year, whether it is to congratulate them on a job well done, or simply to show appreciation for their efforts,” said Husain Makiya, CEO of Ltd.

“However, rewarding can turn into a management headache, during busy periods in particular, and good rewards ideas often fall by the wayside.

Rewards by YouGotaGift make the process of sourcing and delivering rewards a whole lot easier. It’s also fast and employees can redeem their eGift Cards at over 150 top retail brands across malls, fashion, electronics, entertainment, beauty, dining and much more.”

YouGotaGift provides eGift Cards for a variety of individual and business needs, making online gifting easy and meaningful. Employees value eGift Cards because they get to redeem the card for something that they really want.

eGift Cards are redeemable for goods and services via a wide range of retailers such as Mall of the Emirates/CityCentre, DG Sharaf, Saco, Jarir, Centrepoint, Lulu Hypermarkets, Vox Cinemas, Zara, Operation Falafel, Noon, Costa, Nando’s and much more.

As competition for talent and employee retention continues to increase, employee engagement, loyalty and recognition programmes are becoming key tools for employers who want to keep their staff well motivated and productive.

eGift Cards are ideal for a variety of employee rewards across a wide range of businesses. Whether it’s a sales manager rewarding the salesman of the week, a safety officer rewarding an engineer for impeccable safety record, a retail manager rewarding the employee of the month or an HR manager surprising an employee with a birthday gift, eGift Cards can provide a great solution for employers.

Rewards by YouGotaGift allow companies to order eGift Cards online and deliver them instantly by email, SMS or print.

Personnalisation options allow companies to co-brand and personalise the eGift Card with their logo, greeting card and personal message for the recipient.

Although the whole employee reward process is digitalised from ordering to delivery of eGift Cards, Rewards by YouGotaGift also has account managers to advise on large orders, API Integration with employer systems and other bespoke solutions.

YouGotaGift business solutions have already been adopted by major customer loyalty programmes across leading telcos, banks and major businesses delivering unparalleled choice of rewards, a memorable customer service experience, and best-in-class technology tailored to partner needs.

Aramex, McDermott, Michelin, Samsung and DNATA are just a few of the brands that have made use of eGift Cards for their employee reward programmes.

The global Gift Card market size is estimated at about US$ 300 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to US$ 698 billion by 2024 at a rate of 10% year-on-year, largely driven by B2B business .

The market opportunity for digital gifting and rewarding is huge, with almost 70% of all corporate incentives today now given in digital format.

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