Travelex Deepens Relationship with Customers in Ghana

head of Wholesale Banknotes and Director at Travelex in the UK, Angela Smith interacting with journalists in Accra

Accra, Ghana//-Travelex, a leading global foreign exchange company has deepened its relationship with customers and other key stakeholders in Ghana.

To this end, three executives and local rep of the company held discussions with some key banks which are customers of the company, the Bank of Ghana (BoG), among others aimed at strengthening the relationship.

The executives said the visit to Ghana also afforded the opportunity to revamp their operations in the country in this post Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19 era.

The company which operates in Ghana for over 20 years and across globe had its operations stalled due to the pandemic.

Speaking to journalists at a breakfast meeting in Accra, the head of Wholesale Banknotes and Director at Travelex in the UK, Angela Smith said the company is returning to Ghana with a stronger retail brand to help serve their customers better.

She admitted that COVID-19 pandemic had affected the business resulting in the revenue decline but she is confident that the company’s outlook looks brighter.

Madam Smith said:  “For this post COVID-19, we are trying to link with our clients to get back our business running. There is now a very positive outlook”.

When asked about her take on the recent bullion van attacks in the country, she urged bullion van operators to follow the shining examples of Travelex by using more secure vehicles when transporting cash in the cities and other parts of the country.

Travelex executives interacting with the journalists

Madam Smith told the journalists that “Travelex remains a big player in the foreign exchange supply business and has all the necessary logistics in place to satisfy the needs of all clients in Ghana, across the African continent, and all parts of the world where it operates”.

On his paprt, Benjamin Ndego who is responsible for compliance and risk for the African region added: “We are in the country to engage with our clients post COVID-19 and then get to understand the current market situation and to plan for the future.

“So the interaction with the media is just to let you know we are here and to restart our business after Covid,”.

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