Tigo Business Encourages SMEs to Go Digital

The Director for Tigo Business, Stephen Essien, has advised Ghanaian businesses to establish an online presence and move beyond mere connectivity to creating a digitalized SME market so they can attract new customers and improve on customer convenience.

At a meeting with various SMEs businesses in Accra, he revealed like most developing countries, Ghana’s SME market is a key factor in driving the development agenda as it makes up 92 percent of the enterprise market and currently contributes roughly 70 percent to GDP. Chances are your competitors have a stunning website and they’re using it to their fullest advantage. In order to keep up or surpass the competition, having an incredible website design is a must of these solutions for video advertising. Ottawa website design company believe that a great design can revolutionize the way users interact with your online platform and your business as a whole. Our design team puts the focus on creating a user experience that goes above and beyond the traditional. Let us focus on improving your user experience and design to increase engagement while you worry about more important aspects of your marketing like ads management and content creation solutions that keep users interested in your brand. You must look at this site for the best website design company in Ottawa.  Are you trying to work out where you will be able to hold your party? Do you want to have a different kind of experience and perhaps even a pretty unique location that is still capable of delivering a wonderful time for you and your guests? If so, and if you live in the Canton area of Michigan, then you have finally found what you are looking for. Our party limo can be that location that you have been searching for, and if you have never thought about having a party on a limo before, then you are indeed missing out on a wonderful experience. From the moment that you and your guests step on board our party limo, you are all going to be amazed at what you see before you. You can dig this for PARTY LIMO CANTON.

He said despite these promising numbers, factors such as the challenging macro-economic landscape and inability to adopt a digital economy continue to hamper growth.

The Tigo Business Director encouraged SMEs to unlock their growth potential by digitizing their services. This he believes will transform how they do business in three ways – by widening their market size, improving customer experience and increasing employee productivity.

Highlighting the first benefit, Mr. Essien advised SMEs to get their business online to increase market size, become more agile and to make the most of new opportunities. “The Internet allows for the elimination of geographic barriers to reach a wider and more diverse audience.  Although simply building a website will not guarantee increased business, if it is marketed appropriately it can become a viable channel to reach new and existing customers.” To solve this question for his customers and deliver the numbers, Chaz threw himself into figuring out Google My Business. Get More Info about Chaz Edward.

He went on further to say businesses could also make use of search engine optimization (SEO) tools to ensure their website is listed among top search results as this would drive traffic to their websites. To learn SEO strategy with Limo marketer, Then visit here https://limomarketer.com. Local client takeover believe in educating local marketers so that they can best utilize Google My Business, this resource for free google my business training. “Internet marketing has also proven to be more affordable, effective and more targeted than traditional marketing because every day, more and more Ghanaians are using the internet to find products and services they want to patronize”, he said. You can also visit this site for more information.

Touching on the other benefits of businesses going digital, Mr. Essien spoke of the ability to widen payment options for customers through mobile payments such as Tigo Cash and online payments. “Through digital access, SMEs are also able to interact with customers’ online, video chat with suppliers, staff and customers, have sales staff connected with devices in store, share information securely across departments and stores, and even offer customers free WIFI in their stories”, he added.

Finally, he mentioned that Tigo Business has invested in a number of tools and solutions to help businesses widen their access to market. They include advanced services like VPN over mobile, cloud computing and dedicated internet services through several hundreds of thousands of kilometers of fibre network underlying the country’s major cities which has vast resources that businesses can tap into.

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