Open Letter To Ghana Nurses

Dear GRNMA Executives and Members,


I am highly disappointed and shocked at how you have denigrated and disgraced the noble nursing profession to the extent that, your members are seen as ‘nuisance’. 

Your (Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwifes Association- GRNMA) reaction and unnecessary threats to the public with regards to the ‘mishappens’ at Manhyia hospital shows you are indeed shameless and selfish leaders and individual disguised under the uniform of a noble profession. Most of you do not deserve to be in that uniform.

I am shocked at how national security setup and the public are quiet and have been tolerating your unnecessary regular threats of withdrawal of national essential service.

It is indeed true and a fact that, most nurses failed their exams, but were able to find their way to nursing school through nepotism, favouritism, bribes payment and sex for favour.

So, such individual comes with moral decadence. You see them as a symbol of disrespect, arrogance, empty pride, and lack of shame.

How on earth or in which profession can national executives be quick to issue threats of strike to affect public security and order, just because of a matter in which no official investigation has been done to ascertain the real cause and effect of an incident.

So, should the innocent citizens suffer and die at the health facilities which you were trained with the ‘kobi and momoni’ sellers’ taxes?

Where are your senses dear executives? Did you think deep about the public security and order before issuing out such threats?

My wife is a staff nurse, if any nurse attempts any strike action as we have read from some news portal, I will sue the executives and all those nurses participating in the strike.

Have you been able to address the numerous public genuine claims, complaints, and agitations against misconduct, unprofessional and negligence of your members which have caused several preventable death and pains to patients?

You are not concerned about the professional conduct and improvement of your services, but you demand public respect?

How do you discipline some members of the noble profession whom we see in numerous ‘sex-leak tapes, nude pictures, sexy twerks, recordings of nasty talking’s’ ?

Have you addressed how badly, unprofessional and with much disrespect some of your members treat patients at the hospitals and clinics?

My wife, who is a nurse, despite her noblest and service with humility at her post, suffered the worst of her life at the Mother and Child Hospital at Kasoa when she was pregnant. Two nurses at that very moment at the time suffered same in the hands of nurses.

The doctors present were somehow respectful and humble to the patients.

Yes, it is a fact that, at the hospitals and clinics today, the physician assistant and doctors are even more humble and respectful to patients despite their qualifications more than the certificate and diploma nurses some of whom did not even pass their WASSCE exams.

Dear nurses, haven’t you observed that, the respect the public used to have for nurses is no more?

Have the so-called executives and the NMC sat on table to think about why it is so and how to sanitise the profession?

The indiscipline in the nursing profession is too much. Address that first before you demand public respect.

Stop issuing ‘unnecessary and useless threats’ trying to redeem the destroyed image of the profession.

Check in the other countries how the nurses work and behave there.

I wish to see changes in your conduct and relation with patients at the health facilities soon, then some of us can start fighting for you.

You will be sued for any unnecessary threats of strike, negligence, and misconduct henceforth.

Thank you for your attention and the sense of change you have just assured yourselves.


Adnan Adams