MTN TurboNet Is The Real Game-changer in Ghana  

MTN TurboNet

Accra, Ghana, April 15, 2019//-Developing and marketing a product are like left and right feet. They both have to work for the product to succeed, according to Ronald Ron Popeil, an American inventor and marketing personality, best known for his direct response marketing company, Ronco.

It appeared that Mr Popeil had MTN Ghana, Ghana’s leading telecoms service provider and its MTN TurboNet 4G device in mind when he made the above short and concise aphorism some decades ago.

The device which was pilot launched on 28th March 2019, is taking the nascent Ghana’s 4G market by a storm.

The MTN TurboNet is a plug and play super high speed 4G internet router. It comes with a high-powered external antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver fast internet in MTN 4G locations.

It provides instant high speed internet for up to 32 users at the same time. To enjoy the service, Users’ location must be within MTN’s 4G coverage. TurboNet is suitable for home or office use, the Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana said at the company’s recent stakeholders’ forum held in Accra.

He added that the company had already sold 7000 of the instant high speed internet product in the country.

The device made by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, a leading Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics manufacturer, is also an ideal product for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) operating in the West African second largest economy.


A cross section of people especially the youth including journalists told the African Eye Report in separate interviews that; “the TurboNet device is the real game-changer”.

Samuel Dowuona, leading Ghanaian telecoms journalist said: “In fact now that the 2600MHz is here, I am feeling real 4G on MTN. 4G+ is sweet, and TurboNet is the best”.

While Jeorge Wilson Kingson, editor of who used the device for some few days, added: “TurboNet is extremely super”.

“What baffles me is that the TurboNet is so easy to connect”, another journalist who was able to connect the device without any expert’s help, stated.

Furthermore, Nkansah Rexford, telecoms industry analyst said: “Just at the point we think there’s a stalemate in better services, MTN surprises us, and outdone the competition”.

MTN TurboNet – a generous alternative to fibre to the Home, he added.

A third year student of the University of Ghana, Stephen Boateng, gave thumbs up to MTN Ghana and its partners for manufacturing the device.

“I was using a Mobile Wifi which used to give me problems. So I bought MTN TurboNet. It is really helping me a lot to do my lecture assignments with ease and speed. I am now enjoying the device experience promised by MTN Ghana”.

He confessed that because of his latest TurboNet device, ladies who hitherto said no to his proposal are now coming back, saying “This is the power of MTN TurboNet”.

Another student, Seidu Abubakar, could not hide his joy, as he narrated to the African Eye Report how he connected his mobile phone to his friend’s TurboNet sometime ago.

He was quick to note that he nearly missed lectures that day, as he was engrossed on social media networks, particularly Facebook.

For Madam Naa Abigail who is now into catering services said: “Anyone who is using a fixed broadband internet device and it is not MTN TurboNet, then the person is missing out on device’s supersonic speed”.

Furthermore, African Eye Report checks revealed that the novelty product on the Ghanaian market is moving faster than other internet devices on the stocks.


 Industry experts attributed the TurboNet’ superior internet speed to MTN Ghana’s advanced 4G+ service, following the addition of 2600MHz to its 4G.

  As it stands, it is only MTN Ghana that has deployed the 4G+ service in all the 16 regional capitals of Ghana. We are hoping to extend the 4G+ service to all parts of the country, the executives said recently.

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of MTN Ghana, Thomas Motlepa flanked by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MTN Ghana, Noel Kojo–Ganson and the Corporate Service Executive, Samuel Koranteng of the telecoms company, told some selected members of Journalists for Business Advocacy (JBA) that MTN Ghana is the first and the only telecoms company that is providing 4G + service in Ghana now.

Our aim is to provide full coverage for all sections of people, hence the decision to acquire additional 2600MHz to enable the company serves them better, Mr Motlepa explained.

This is because the 4G+ service runs on 4G LTE Advanced technology using the combination of the 800MHz and 2600MHz for carrier aggregation. It is an enhancement on the 4GLTE experience.

This provides more capacity and enhanced data speed of up to 20x if migrating from 3G to 4G+ and 5x if migrating from 4G to 4G+, he stressed.

Touching on the differences between the normal 4G and 4G+service, he said the major difference between two is the speed.  The 4G+ service is able to provide faster data speeds with widest coverage for customers, according to him. “The 4G+ service makes the video download faster than the 4G”.

Another difference is that 4G+ service can use all the 4G spectrums  available in the country while the 4G cannot.

The telecoms the company had already deployed 1,226 total 4G LTE sites of which 625 sites are 4G+in all regions across the country especially regional capitals and key towns. While, plans for full national coverage are ongoing, Mr Motlepa, noted.

By Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh, African Eye Report











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