Local Rice Consumption Increases in Ghana’s Capital Accra

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Accra, Ghana, June 5, 2018//-Esoko Ghana, an agricultural commodity index that tracks the prices of selected agricultural products across Ghana, has revealed that the average price for a bag of local rice increased 2.15% to close the month of May at GHS 332.57.

 The highest price of GHS 450.00 was recorded in Accra, Ghana’s capital city with the lowest price of GHS 257.00 recorded at Takoradi in the Western Region.

This means that local rice consumption is increasing in Accra than other parts of the West African country.

The increase in local rice consumption in Accra is being driven by the high price of the imported rice as well as improvement in the quality of the local rice on the market.

At the national level, imported and local rice also made gains of 3.26% and 2.15% to close at GHS 310.40 and GHS 332.57 respectively.

In its countrywide analysis for May 2018, Esoko noted: “Most commodities recorded gains at the end of trading for the month of May. The gains made were within the range of 1.18 to 7.65 percent”.

The highest gain of 7.65% was recorded by ‘pona’ (a type of yam consumed in Ghana) to close at GHS 607.33 with maize recording a 6.25% increase to close the month at GHS 155.43 per bag.

The highest maize price of GHS 196.00 was recorded in Takoradi with the lowest price of GHS 123.00 in Bawku in the Upper East Region.

Tomato and Soya made gains of 5.85% and 5.04% to close at GHS 440.33 per crate and GHS 256.29 per bag respectively.

The average price for a crate of tomato gained 5.85% to close the month at GHS 440.33. The highest price of GHS 727.00 was recorded at Accra and the lowest price of GHS 250.00 at Kumasi.

The price of tomatoes has started dropping because locally grown tomatoes have been harvested and are on the markets. It is expected that the prices will drop fur

Cassava however, dropped by 3.78% to close the month at GHS 72.17 per bag, the Commodity Index for May 2018 indicated.

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