Kirusa InstaVoice Surpasses100billionth Transaction Mark

Kirusa boss, Inderpal Singh Mumick

December 21, 2017//-Kirusa’s InstaVoice service has surpassed 100 billion call completion.
InstaVoice is an App that delivers missed call alerts and voicemails to users, over the cloud, in a user-friendly app interface.

The company said the over 100 billion transactions was the cumulative of all calls processed by the InstaVoice platform since its launch.

“This is a testament to the acceptance of this service in over 20 countries, including Ghana, by over 100 million unique users who use InstaVoice every month,” Kirusa Founder, President and CEO Inderpal Singh Mumick said.

He added that this was also a reflection of stability of Kirusa’s technology platform, which is designed to handle massive number of transactions every minute.”

Mumick acknowledged that the landmark achievement of InstaVoice was made possible because of Kirusa’s partnerships with mobile operators in Africa and other emerging markets, and all InstaVoice users who continue to see value in the services.

Indeed, in Ghana at least three telcos use Kirusa’s InstaVoice to deliver missed call alerts in both text and voice.

Award for Ebola

Recently, Kirusa’s Instavoice won the WestAfricaCom Award for the “Outstanding Enterprise Solution” for its role in Ebola Education in Ghana.

Inderpal Mumick noted that for the Ebola project in Ghana, the company partnered with Vodafone to deploy IVR tool within the Kirusa Konnect Suite.

“Using IVR, enterprises can create a voice platform for their customers to reach out to them. Usually, a mobile number is designated, and a user menu designed. Users are encouraged to dial into this number, navigate the menu to leave a voice message,” he said.

He further explained that the platform was used for Citizens interested in knowing about Ebola were asked to call an IVR number to retrieve information.

“The numbers were massively advertised in Ghana, resulting in thousands of calls from citizens, which led to increased awareness about the disease,” he added.

The Kirusa CEO said the tool was also deployed for a leading bank in Ghana, for gathering customers’ feedback at branch locations.

He was confident that Kirusa solutions would make even greater impact going forward because “today, mobile data is king, and it is changing the telecom landscape – regular voice calls are being replaced with VoIP calls and instant messaging.”

Kirusa, he said, is committed to driving and leveraging on this change by providing new and innovative communication solutions that re-imagine voice in the data age, adding that for consumers, Kirusa solutions help them maximize the experience they derive from mobile phones.


But beyond InstaVoice, the company also runs the ReachMe service, which goes further, allowing mobile users to receive their calls over data, via a mobile app.

“Imagine going to UK for a trip, putting a local SIM card in your phone, and still getting all the calls to your Ghana number, at no charge to you. For enterprises, Konnect allows enterprises to include communication services such as flash calls and outbound calls, into their business processes and campaigns,” the CEO said.

Other services in the Kirusa cocktail of solutions are Konnect and SnapCall.

Konnect is a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) offering for enterprises, with programmatic voice tools through which they bolster mobile engagement with their audience.

The Konnect portal enables enterprises to design, launch and manage mobile campaigns instantly over the cloud and the company said Africa is their main target market for Konnect.

SnapCall is also an inbound tool that uses flash call as a medium to help users register their interest for a service or trigger an action from the enterprise; for example, receiving an App download link, or quickly responding Yes/No to a simple survey.

“Enterprises can also mix-and-match tools like IVR, Voice SMS, SMS Tagging and OBDs to create engaging mobile campaigns for their audience,” they said.


The Kirusa CEO said their main vision is to help companies take advantage of the expected tech disruptions, which can be threat to existing technologies and services.

He mentioned how Uber has for instance disrupted normal taxi services and how WhatsApp has disrupted SMS, saying that businesses need to align and adapt to those changes and that is where  Kirusa comes in.

Inderpal Mumick believes that going forward, more data and faster data will grow in Africa, on the back of 5G, IoT networks among others, and that will trigger more M2M (machine to machine) applications like autonomous cars, self-adjusting power grids, interconnected cameras, smart cities and more.

He thinks revenue from data will drive the ICT/telecom industry, but that will only happen for operators and service providers will align appropriately on the back of solutions like the one Kirusa offer.

By Samuel Dowuona,

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