How App Store Marketing Is Becoming More Important than Ever

February 1, 2018//- It can be easy to dismiss App Store Marketing if you see the success of apps as purely from their quality. However, there are plenty of high-quality apps that would be unknown to potential audiences.

Thanks to the large quantity of apps on the App Store, the lack of user ratings, and the new budget factor of Apple Search Ads, potential app developers need to learn Apple Store Marketing now more than ever.

The Apple storefront is only getting bigger, and every type of developer has to work twice as hard to get a sliver of the taps and impressions apps were able to receive a couple years before. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of apps per month increased dramatically (as seen in the graph below).

By the end of 2017, there were 1,837,150 applications in the US App Store, and 37,249 of them launched this December. With this increase, apps are having more difficulty than ever to stand out.

This boost has also caused another problem for app developers in regards to ratings. More than 85% of apps aren’t rated sufficiently to gain an average rating. Even if the average rating given  would be above 3/5, this lack of user response doesn’t help apps give the impressions they need to thrive on the storefront.

This difficulty was added upon with the recent introduction of Apple Search Ads. Not because the idea is itself complex, but because of the additional factors to a developer’s budget. After all, how will you know the keywords you can spend? Will you have enough for the average CPT? CPA? How about the hot keywords that’ll get guaranteed taps? These factors are vital to understand now, and require future developers to know the basics of App Store Marketing.

The time where you could simply showcase your app on the storefront to a huge audience is impossible, and trying to advertise for everyone is an inefficient way to promote your product. If you want your app to receive popularity and priority, you will need to learn App Store Marketing. Without it, you’ll be unable to figure out how to attract the appropriate audience. However, putting your app on the App Store is no longer just a message in a bottle. There are plenty of sites If you wanted to know how to make your marketing campaign succeed, and one noticeable one is AppBi.

AppBi contains the features anyone needs to find the hot keywords at their disposal. With a huge library of data alongside their features like Intelligent Entrusting and Self-Serve Advertising, AppBi can help any developer work with their budget to know what keywords you can afford that’ll get your app the impressions it deserves.


  • Innovative Intelligent Ads Platform, including Entrusting Mode for automatic marketing campaigns.
  • Freedom of choice marketing, allowing users to be as involved as they want.
  • Intuitive user interface and design.
  • AppBi exclusive algorithms – AppBi GO.
  • Keyword and App analysis.
  • Ads Keyword and Bidding Keywords search.

Instructively, founded in 2016, AppBi is a technology company focused on App Store data and searching optimization, committed to building a world-leading Apple Search Ads intelligent platform through data analysis and machine learning to help developers gain high value returns.

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