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Happy Childhood Becomes a Mirage When Family Truths are Revealed


New York, USA, August 27, 2018//- When reality is simply one’s own perception of it, what is the truth? Seventeen-year-old Linda believed her childhood to be a happy, loving one.

However, when she learns of the lies she has been told about her family history, everything changes.

In “Maypole,” by Blossom Ryecroft, the author weaves a tale of historical fiction, set in 1940s England, of family dynamics, deception and one girl’s journey to self-discovery.

“This tale originates in the North Downs area in England,” Ryecroft said. “It is a place of outstanding natural beauty.”

Ryecroft herself grew up in an English village in the 1950s and joined the British Army at 19. After marrying a fellow soldier, she worked in southern England before moving to western Australia, where she currently resides with her family. Her book explores the mental coping mechanisms of a young girl, post trauma.

“After she learns of her birth and origins, Linda is unable to accept the truth,” Ryecroft said. “She withdraws within herself and lives the life of a doll, neither giving nor receiving love.”

By Blossom Ryecroft

The author

English-born Blossom spent her childhood in Hampshire village, one of a related group of villages similar to the Silver Villages. Her childhood was happy. Adult Blossom has had a number of adventures, including the British Army; working on the buses (England and Australia) and running a cinema and a drive-in cinema; also Australia.

She and her husband have been married for 54 years; they have a son, daughter and two grandsons. Ryecroft’s hobbies are keeping fit and bush walking. 



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