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Greenpeace Africa Lauds Courageous Climate Strikes

Empowering students

Johannesburg, South Africa, March 16, 2019/ — School students engaged in an inspirational wave of activism across the world, striking for action on climate change in more than 2050 places in 123 countries across the world.

These include South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, and even Antarctica.

In response, Greenpeace Africa (, a leading environmental NGO has said: “As an environmental campaigning organisation, Greenpeace Africa is humbled and inspired by the thousands upon thousands of school children coming out today to demand action on the climate crisis.

The global climate movement is reaching new heights today, with youth at the centre. They clearly understand that climate change is a threat to their opportunities and future. Our youth are sick and tired of excuses and want to see bold action to avoid catastrophic climate change. The question is: how can governments possibly ignore their call?

“Greenpeace Africa fully supports the school strikes for the climate and asks governments across Africa to come up with climate actions that are clearly in line with the Paris climate agreement. We do not have any time to waste.”

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