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Ghana: Islamic Organisation Opposes Building of National Cathedral

Design of National Cathedral

August 29, 2018//-Coalition of Muslim Organisations (COMOG), an Islamic group, has described the proposed construction of a National Cathedral by the government as amounting to state meddling in religious matters.

“COMOG has no objection to the building of a cathedral. Christians in Ghana are capable of building a cathedral without government’s involvement or sponsorship. Just as the Government of Ghana has not been involved in the construction of religious edifices for Muslims, Traditionalists, Hindus etc., it should not be involved in the efforts by Christians to build themselves a cathedral,” the organisation said in a press statement, Tuesday.

The organisation has also criticised the government for proceeding with preparations to put up the cathedral before a suit challenging the process at the Supreme Court is heard.

According to COMOG, the haste by the government to construct the massive edifice, even before the Supreme Court pronounces judgement on the suit “represents an utter misplacement of our priorities as a nation.”


President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s project to build a National Cathedral has been hailed by some religious groups and a section of the public, however, it seems to have ruffled the feathers of a few other interest groups.




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