Ghana Discovers A Formula That Has The Potential To Cure HIV/AIDS

Dr Samuel Ato Duncan addressing the journalists in Accra, Ghana

Accra, June 12, 2019//-Ghana’s Centre of Awareness (COA) has discovered a formula, it described as potential cure for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Anti Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS).

Renounced research institutions such as Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and Mampong Centre Plant Medicine Research and KwaZulu Natal University had proved that the COA 72 formula could be ideal cure for HIV/AIDS.

Dr Samuel Ato Duncan, founder of the Centre, which does other things including championing peace of the world, disclosed his potential HIV/AIDS cure at a launch of dietary supplement called COA FS, yesterday in Accra.

Dr Duncan, so convinced about his new discovery said a clinical trials run on some HIV/AIDS patients including a 12 year older boy,  who initially had over six million virus present in his system and after the end 300 days trial on the formula, was found nearly negative.

Thus, the virus was reduced from six million plus to zero and similar results was recorded from other persons living under the condition.

Initially, the formula was named the COA drug, but with the overwhelming outcome from the trial of Noguchi, it was it labelled COA72, he added.

Already, Dr Duncan has other COA products to his credit among them is the dietary supplement or immune booster that was launched.

He pointed out that since the Centre does not have the capacity to conduct the trials as well as to provide scientific evidence on efficacy and safety data, COA, hence fell on the Mampong and Noguchi for support.

Dr Duncan appealed to the government to support the Centre in this respect, as the formula would provide the country with more forex change than her traditional export of minerals and oil.

He continued that his doors are still opened to other organisation that would want to associate with the Centre for further clinical trials in finding lasting solution to HIV/AIDS menace.

Dr Duncan added that the Centre currently has a plant in place that can produce enough formula with global scale to cater for the need of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

The founder of COA urged persons living with HIV/AIDS for the meantime continue with their antiretroviral medication till COA 72 reaches its final conclusion.

The Acting Director General of Ghana AIDS, Kyeremeh Atuahene who was very circumspect in his statement, said the formula had no scientific base and that, it needs about 10 years to prove its efficacy as cure for heal HIV/AIDS.

To be able to establish that, he said the Commission has to invite all the science research organisations based in the country such as Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and Mampong Centre Plant Medicine Research and others together to establish the fact of cure.

Interestingly, Mr Atuahene lamented bitterly about lack of funds to support the project with such a national, regional, continental and global importance.

He explained that the Commission does not have logistics to provide the chemicals, equipment and the people who will be working on it and compensation for participants.

“We also need the goodwill of the scientific community to demonstrate commitment to ensure that once we have an internationally approved standards or protocol for this study then they will follow through to the end… of course we expect that there would be corporation from Centre of Awareness so that we follow scientific procedure to the end,” he stated.

By Akutu Dede Adimer, African Eye Report


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