Gabby Asare Otchere And The Reckless Politicization Of The Bank Of Ghana

Second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Johnson Asiama

Accra, Ghana, June 8, 2019//-I wouldn’t have bothered to respond to the tweet from Mr. Gabby Asare Otchere regarding the banking sector reforms, but I noticed reading his article that perhaps someone wrote it for him to just copy and paste.

Otherwise, he appears to be totally ignorant on the issues and merely doing what he does best. Therefore I need to educate him and help him appreciate the issues better.
As an illustration, let us assume that I am a Surgeon working in a government hospital. I have a patient under my care who needs a life-saving kidney operation, however tests show that the patient has other complications such as malaria, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Further tests suggest that his own kidney could last another 3 months with some dialysis, and hence I decided to keep the patient in intensive care while I treat the underlying complications.
The patient also confided in me about other related social pressures that were apparently having impact on his poor health, but for good reason I decided to keep these in a confidential folder.
While this process was ongoing, another Surgeon who has just taken over as the head of the hospital (a political appointment) decided to force me out of the hospital entirely because he simply felt like doing so.
Under the circumstances, I could do nothing but quietly leave the hospital as well as the patient under my care.
After I left, the new surgeon said I was wasting too much time on the patient and hence decided to take him to the theatre and did the surgery without regard for the underlying conditions.
Unfortunately, the wounds could not heal and the new kidney was rejected by the patient’s system. After two weeks, the hospital decided to urgently fly the patient to an expensive hospital abroad as a last option and at great cost.
Now guess what, the new Surgeon who is Gabby Asare Otchere Darko has the guts to accuse me of being responsible for the high cost of ultimately sending the patient abroad and causing financial loss to the hospital !
From Dr Johnson Asiamah, former deputy governor of Bank of Ghana

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