FundedByMe Launches Its First Polish Crowdfunding Campaign

Maciej Gajewski, CEO at FundedByMe Poland

June 12, 2018//-FundedByMe has had an office in Poland since April this year. This summer it is launching its first Polish crowdfunding case,

 The app has been up and running in 8 Polish cities as well as in Budapest, now they want to offer scooters for rent in Stockholm.

We believe that the Blinkee team is world class, their execution is brilliant. They are growing very fast, from 0 to 600 scooters over the first 1,5 year without external investments.

And what is worth mentioning – they are already profitable at this stage. Being both disruptive and eco-friendly, we are really optimistic about FundedByMe Poland’s first campaign aiming for Blinkee’s expansion into the Nordic countries, says Maciej Gajewski, CEO at FundedByMe Poland.

For a couple of months now, there has been an office in Warsaw Poland and now they are launching their first crowdfunding round with Polish entrepreneurs on the platform. They are hoping that other companies recognize the advantages of equity crowdfunding and that will become the first of many successful Polish campaigns.

— Poland has a very exciting market and the team running the Polish office are enormously driven and well connected. We are extra excited to see that the first case launched is for electric vehicles as this is the future and we at FundedByMe are especially good at crowdfunding electric vehicle companies. If the first case is this cool, imagine the rest of the cases to be launched. Cool cases and a huge market of investors create a very good combination, says Daniel Daboczy, CEO och co-founder of FundedByMe. has been a success in many polish cities and now they are looking to expand to Stockholm as well. Through the app you can find the closest scooter, book it and then you have 15 minutes to get to it. The app unlocks the vehicle and in the scooter you will find a helmet. After you have reached your final destination, park the scooter and deactivate it in the app. You only pay for the minutes you have used it.

Instructively, FundedByMe is the fastest growing crowdfunding platform in Scandinavia and one of the only full-service platforms offering capital through equity crowdfunding. In the past years, some 470 companies from 25 different countries have been successfully funded with more than €52 million.

The member base is a rapidly expanding network of more than 250,000 investors from nearly 200 countries around the world. FundedByMe is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a local presence in Dubai, Finland, Malaysia, Poland and Singapore.

While is a Polish company that offers scooter on-the-go. In the app you can find the closest scooter, book it and then use it. You park the scooter on your final destination, deactivate it and pay for the minutes you have used it in the app. is available in 8 cities in Poland and also Budapest, they will soon launch their app in Stockholm.

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