EU Withholds Support to Comoros as Civil Unrest Continues   

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October 29, 2018//-In the wake of the recent fight between the rebel fighters and the government forces in Anjouan, Comoros, and the arrest of a string of leaders of Opposition, the European Union (EU) has decided to withhold the activation of the 2018 annual action program for Comoros.

It finds the efforts by President Azali’s government to reform its judiciary and constitution, inadequate.
The EU explained, “The services of the EU have decided to postpone the annual action program of cooperation between the EU and the Comoros Union for 2018 in light of strong uncertainties detected with regards to the preconditions that the government of Comoros agreed to to…in terms of the reform of the judiciary and the presence of an independent body that would take over the control of the constitution and the development of a strategy to fight corruption.”

Welcoming the move, Mr. Abubakar Aboud, advisor to former President Sambi and in charge of communication of the leading opposition party, Juwa party said, “We see this move as a first serious warning to the government of Azali by a leading multilateral organisation.

The European Union was quick to react by refusing to finance government projects related to justice and road networks. We hope this will encourage other multilateral organisations to follow suit.

President Azali needs to understand that he will not be allowed to destroy the democratic institutions and human rights in the country with impunity.”
After almost a week of armed clashes between the national army and insurgents in the city of Mutsamudu, Anjouan, a precarious calm has settled. However, this was quickly followed by the arrest of the governor of Anjouan Dr. Abdou Salami Abdou.

Decrying the arrest, Mr Aboud, said,  “The presumption of innocence no longer exists in Comoros. Whatever the government says, the justice system executes without question.

There is no longer an independent justice system, just as there is no longer an independent National Assembly. That’s why I am pleased that the EU has raised the issue of judicial reforms.”

Colonel Azali is purging his political opponents, mainly from the Juwa party, the main opposition in the country. So far, key leaders including President Sambi, vice president Jaffar Ahmed Said Hassani, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army Colonel Ibrahim Salim, the general secretary of Juwa Party Ahmed Hassane El Barwane, spokesman for the party Dr Ahmed Abdou Chakour, treasurer of the party Milano Henri Alphonse and the MPs of Mutsamudu and Itsandra have been arrested.
To diffuse the tensions and unrest in the country, the African Union  (AU) tried to initiate a dialogue between the opposition and the government by sending AU High Representative Ramtane Lamamra on September 14th.

However, he didn’t meet any of the political prisoners including former President Sambi. The talks broke down and stalled as the government refused to revise the decisions of the referendum, calling it “ancient history”.

“The release of political prisoners was one of the main requests that were not respected by government authorities. The removal of the immunity of three opposition MPs followed by the arrest of the governor of Anjouan, can hardly facilitate the resumption of this inter-Comorian dialogue,” says Aboud.

“I am really worried about threats on President Samb’s life, he concludes. “Recently, I learned from reliable sources, that a plot could be put in place to physically eliminate President Sambi, which naturally makes me fear the worst. ”

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