DRC Bank Posts Impressive Results

Thierry Taeymans, Managing Director of RAWBANK (in middle)

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, June 12, 2019 – RAWBANK, the number one bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), today published its 2018 Annual Report, with results showing even faster growth than in 2017.

These excellent results reflect RAWBANK’s ambition to “Think big for Congo”. Indeed, after a year 2017 marked by economic and political uncertainties, RAWBANK was able to anticipate the economic situation by optimizing the deployment of its branches and developing the range of services offered to its customers.

Think big for Congo”, according to RAWBANK, is to demonstrate a constant commitment to surpassing expectations, anticipating difficulties, and constantly innovating in the service of all those – companies, individuals – who contribute to the modernization of the Congolese economy.

The bank has thus posted excellent results and strongly increasing figures. As at 31 December 2018, its deposits reached USD 1,15 billion (1 889 billion Congolese francs, an increase of 27% compared to 2017); its disbursement credits USD 665 million (1 084 billion Congolese francs, +59.5%); its net income of USD 23.68 million (38 billion Congolese francs, +311%); its net banking income of USD 155 million (253 billion Congolese francs, +56%); and its balance sheet total of USD 1 679 million (2.737 billion Congolese francs, +25%).

As the first bank in the DRC, RAWBANK continues to develop practical access for its clients through the opening and renovation of branches throughout the country.

In 2018, the strategy pursued was twofold, with on the one hand the decentralization of agency management to give them more power and efficiency, and on the other hand the extension and adaptation of the branch network according to local needs and past performance.

RAWBANK thus confirms growth, expansion and stability, thanks to an innovative and local offer, and a rigorous management in compliance with the highest international standards.

“RAWBANK has been able to put forward an entrepreneurial spirit that brings it as close as possible to the demands and expectations of the field. It is this same spirit that puts us in tune with our customers, large companies or SMEs, value creators and attentive like us to the major balances and structuring forces of the market, and explains the excellent performance of our bank”, explained Thierry Taeymans, Managing Director of RAWBANK.

In 2018, RAWBANK has largely focused on developing its digital offer to provide efficiency, ease of access and speed for all its usual services. Their digitization is expected to play an increasingly important role, and RAWBANK intends to remain at the forefront of this field in the banking sector.

With a constantly improving economic situation for the year 2019, RAWBANK’s future is particularly promising.  The bank aims to become a leading bank in Africa, conquering new markets, offering new products and extending its proximity to its customers.
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