Desktop Industry Loses Out To Mobile Phone Apps

hm6hk32cTIME spent on mobile phones is said to have increased as much as 14 times faster than time spent on desktop media, according to digital marketing expert, Ashraf Kanjo.

He has predicted whopping 10billion mobile devices in use by the year 2016 when the world’s population is expected to have grown to 7.3 billion.

Speaking on Smart Governments and Smart City’s Global Mobile App and Technology Strategies at the ongoing Datamatix Gitex 2014 Conference in United Arab Emirates, Ashraf who is also the Digital Marketing Manager for Mobile phone manufacturer, Rlg said average use of App per mobile user grew from 26.8% to 29.5%, the highest among age groups who spend between 30-35 hours per month exploring Apps on their mobile phones.

Focusing his discussions on mobile applications and security, Smart government cloud computing, social media trends and modern s-Government applications, Ashraf Kanjo said the various pros and cons of introducing mobile apps as an effective mode of interactive communication for an interactive community also emphasises the security threats and the various vulnerabilities that are associated with mobile apps and the need to rise above the bar of regulatory breaches.

He told the delegates mainly ICT experts that the best way to harness the true potential of smart cities will be for the smart city itself to become a platform, that is the city must have an enabler for development and creativity. “In doing so the city becomes like the internet where a connector and an enabler for citizens to empower the citizenry”, he added.

He suggested seven elements which he said were crucial in creating Smart City Applications. “Such application must be sensible, connectable, accessible, ubiquitous, sociable and sharable”.

Smart City concept is based on the idea that a city well performing in 6 characteristics, built on the ‘smart’ combination of endowments and activities of self-decisive, independent and aware citizens, Smart Economy, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment driven by Smart People.

The Datamatix Gitex 2014 Conference is reviewing best practices and emerging trends as well as prospects in the execution of the Smart City concept in developing environments.

Other speakers at the event include Dr. Krishnadas Nanath; Racha Mourtada, Manager, Youth Initiative from the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government and Hani Al Ghofaily, Director, Departmebt of Media of Al Riyadh Newspaper who will be sharing experience on Global Social Media Trends.

Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix, said the conference contributes towards facilitating institutional cooperation in the GCC that will enable the region in extending and aiming for unimaginable horizons in dynamic IT sector excellence

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