Bushmeat in Ghana: Consumer Profiles May Point the Way to Conservation

Bush meat consumption is enjoying a renaissance in Ghana. Wikimedia Commons/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND Richard Kwasi Bannor, University of Energy and Natural Resources The bushmeat trade – meat from wild animals – continues to soar, mainly in unregulated and illegal markets worldwide. Ghana is one such market. One reason is that it’s a source of income […]

Fossil Tracks and Trunk Marks Reveal Signs of Ancient Elephants on South Africa’s Coast

New fossil evidence reveals more about how African bush elephants’ ancient ancestors moved about a South African landscape. Gunter Nuyts/Shutterstock Charles Helm, Nelson Mandela University Hundreds of thousands of years ago, South Africa’s Cape south coast looked very different. Some of the species that roamed this area are now extinct; others evolved over the millennia […]