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Leading from the Front Line: How Airlines Can Boost Ancillary Revenues

February 18, 2019//-Ancillary revenues are rising, and airlines increasingly depend on them. The next step forward: Efforts to help frontline employees collect these fees and charges more effectively. Advertisements


Chris Zweigenthal to Receive the Ato Girma Wake Lifetime Achievement Award at AviaDev

February 13, 2019//-The Ato Girma Wake Lifetime Achievement Award for an outstanding contribution to route development in Africa is a coveted award named in honour of the Godfather of African aviation, Ato Girma Wake.

Unpacking the Complexities of Africa’s Aviation Sector

February 11, 2019//-The African region makes up at least 12% of the world´s total population and yet only constitutes 2.5 % of the global passenger air traffic, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, 2018).

Industry Leaders Challenge the Status Quo in African Aviation

February 8, 2019//-The opening panel at AviaDev has brought together African aviation’s brightest minds to determine a way forward.

Helicopter Carrying Nigeria’s Vice President Crash Landed

February 2, 2019//-Reports say a helicopter carrying Nigeria’s Vice-president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and his entourage crash landed in Kabba, Kogi state.

U.S Sanctions Ghana for Indecent Behaviour, Orders Consular Officers to Implement Visa Restrictions

February 1, 2019//-United States’ Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced, in coordination with the Department of State, the implementation of visa sanctions on Ghana due to lack of cooperation in accepting their nationals ordered removed from the United States (U.S).

Air Senegal’s First Trent 7000 Powered A330neo Aircraft Touches Down in Dakar

Dakar, Senegal, January 31, 2019//-Rolls-Royce today joined delegates from the Government of Sénégal and Airbus at a ceremony celebrating Air Sénégal’s first Trent 7000 powered A330neo aircraft.

Golden Triangles, Partnerships & Innovation: Africa’s Latest Opportunity

January 31, 2019//-Airline alliances, partnerships, joint ventures and equity shares. The ownership structure of airlines are changing rapidly as the industry plans for the next decade of rapid growth fueled by the ambitions of millennials to travel the world.

How Mikosz Plans to Make Kenya Airways a Success

January 29, 2019//-After a restructuring programme aimed at reducing Kenya Airways’ $2bn debt pile, the majority state-owned airline is pursuing a strategy to once again become a competitive African carrier.

Circus at Airports Company …a Template of How Ghana Airways Failed

Accra, Ghana, January 23, 2019//-The unexpected dismissal of Ghana Airports Company Limited’s Managing Director, Mr. John D. Attafuah, last week raised serious corporate governance issues and brought back memories of self-destructive actions that caused the collapse of national flag-carrier, Ghana Airways.

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