Book Titled ‘The Jigsaw Effect Of Leaders’ Mini Launched In Dubai

From l-r, Mariam Shaikh, and Mrs Genevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi, author of the book

Accra, Ghana, November 7, 2020//-Ladies In Business Magazine Global recently held a book signing event in Dubai with Mrs Genevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi, where her maiden book titled-‘The Jigsaw Effect Of Leaders’ was mini launched.

The book which will be launched on the 25th November, 2020 is helpful for all leaders, young aspiring leaders and everyone who works with people.

From l-r, Mariam, Genevieve and Helen

“Glancing through some paragraphs from the new book from Mrs Genevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi, Fellow of Institute of Leadership and Governance (CILG) at the book launching, I can see great effort, deep thoughts and facts put together which I can actually resonate with”, the Founder, Publisher and Editor In Chief at Ladies In Business Magazine Global, Madam Adeshola Helen Onadipe, said.

She added: “Writing a book like this definitely comes from within, especially towards grooming the younger ones about leadership. I really commend your effort Mrs Genevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi.

Congratulations once again. The book is already on Amazon, kindly click on the link below to get yours-”.

For her part, Mrs Genevieve Pearl Duncan Obuobi is also a Ghanaian banker said: “The book helps with great nuggets of knowing yourself and your team members and explains how to get the perfect fit so you get the desired outcome as a lady focusing on functional placement and leveraging on you and your team members core skills and strength”.

 Mrs Duncan Obuobi who  is a doctoral student at Swiss Business School believes in leadership, urged leaders in the corporate world to do their own SWOT analyses and then working with others would help them know them better.

She is particularly grateful to Madam Nazia, the CEO of Zoha Events and Mr William, CEO of UAE Africa Network for making the event possible.

The highest bidder of the book was Joseph Osawaye, owner of the Kiza Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai.

He described himself as a born leader, a serial entrepreneur cutting across diverse industries.

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