Boeing Delivers First 787 Dreamliner to Air Tanzania  

The new dreamliner

 July 7, 2018// — Boeing today delivered a 787-8 Dreamliner to Air Tanzania as part of the airline’s plan to grow its operations across Africa as well as to international destinations.

The brand new 787 is the first widebody airplane to join Tanzania’s flag carrier’s fleet.

“We are very proud to take delivery of this Boeing 787 Dreamliner,” said Ladislaus Matindi, CEO, Air Tanzania.

“We believe this is the perfect aircraft to realize our ambition to connect with the rest of the world through the initiation of intercontinental flights. I am delighted to be here today with Boeing and Rolls-Royce to celebrate this important milestone.”

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an all-new, super-efficient family of commercial airplanes, which allows airlines to profitably open new routes so passengers can travel directly to their destinations and in exceptional comfort.

Since 2011, more than 690 Dreamliners have entered service, flying more than 255 million people, saving an estimated 25 billion pounds of fuel. The Dreamliner family has helped open more than 180 new nonstop routes around the world.

“We are honored that Air Tanzania selected the 787 Dreamliner to expand its long-haul operations within Africa as well as internationally,” said Marty Bentrott, Boeing Sales vice president for the Middle East, Turkey, Russia, Central Asia & Africa.

“The Dreamliner’s unmatched combination of superior fuel efficiency and range makes it extremely flexible and will fit well into Air Tanzania’s operations. We are confident the 787 will boost passenger traffic and tourism in and out of Tanzania.”

On his part, Kevin Evans, Rolls-Royce, Vice President-Customers, Africa, said, “We are proud, delighted and excited that Air Tanzania has selected the Rolls-Royce Trent engine to power its Dreamliner aircraft.

Air Tanzania has a clear and bold vision for the future, and we are very pleased to be part of it. This wonderful aircraft with the Trent engine will enable Air Tanzania to develop its international route network profitably and deliver a first class service to its customers. This delivery adds another Rolls-Royce customer in Africa which is an important and growing market for us.”

The Trent 1000 TEN is the latest version of the Trent 1000 specifically designed and optimised for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. With a 10:1 bypass ratio, it has the highest bypass ratio of any Trent engine, contributing to it being the quietest engine on the Boeing 787 aircraft today.

The Trent 1000 TEN (Thrust, Efficiency and New Technology) first entered into service in November 2017 and incorporates new technologies that deliver increased thrust and improved efficiency for the aircraft.

This new engine incorporates technologies taken from the Trent XWB and from the Advance engine programme to deliver excellent economics and environmental performance.

Rolls-Royce will also be providing Air Tanzania, with its TotalCare® service support which removes the burden of engine maintenance from the customer and transfers the management of associated risks to Rolls-Royce.

The TotalCare® agreement includes a Parts Availability Service option whereby RollsRoyce will ensure the airline has critical parts not only on site, but access to additional parts and tools around the world to maximise service efficiency.

TotalCare® offers more than just an engine maintenance plan, it is a service concept based upon predictability and reliability. This agreement will give Air Tanzania secured cost of operating and maintaining their Trent 1000 TEN engines as well as advanced engine health monitoring.

Trent 1000 – incredible engineering by numbers

  • 10:1 bypass ratio is the highest bypass ratio of any Trent, making it the quietest engine on the Boeing 787 aircraft today. • Over 85% of the engine’s thrust is generated by the 2.8m diameter fan which sucks up to 1.3 tonnes of air every second at take-off.
  • High pressure turbine blades inside the engine rotate at 12,500 rpm, with their tips reaching 1,200mph – nearly twice the speed of sound and generates over 50,000horsepower – equivalent to 68 Formula 1 racing cars.
  • At take-off each fan blade carries a load of 90 tons, which is equivalent to nine London buses hanging from the tip of each blade.
  • At full power, air leaves the nozzle at the back of the engine travelling at almost 1000mph. Data In the air, Rolls-Royce uses Engine Health Management (EHM) technology to track the performance of and health of thousands of our engines operating worldwide.

EHM is a proactive technique that can predict when servicing is needed. Data is collected and compared with data from previous flights in the engine’s life as well as from thousands of hours of testing that takes place before an engine enters service. This information is then cross-referenced with data gathered from flight patterns and even weather conditions, to give as accurate a picture of the engine’s performance as possible.

Air Tanzania is based in Dar es Salaam with its hub at Julius Nyerere International Airport. The carrier currently flies to destinations across the region and plans to embark upon intercontinental flights by the end of this year.

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