6 Reasons You Should Go Solar

Solar panels

April 3, 2019//-Last 2018, the number of people using solar panels in America is a low 5.77 percent. And most of the dominating age group is in between 18 to 29 years old according to Statista.

I guess what explains why there are some young people who have solar panels installed in their homes is because the use of solar energy has been around for a long time. However, no one managed to switch to a solar-driven lifestyle for years completely. Well you can click to investigate about advantages of solar.

Because telltale signs of global warming and other environmental issues are alarmingly increasing, the more people who have taken the initiative of using solar energy are the younger generation. That’s only because more and more solar power companies have also just recently catered to this demand. We recommended you read this before buying solar panel.

And that goes without saying that solar panels and other solar-related devices will cost someone an arm and a leg to get set up, look for the 5kw solar system price melbourne offers. But what people don’t know is that they get more in the long run. Here are the top reasons why you should go solar in 2019.

  1. Reduce Utility Bills

Utility bills can take up a considerable chunk of your monthly budget. Whether we like it or not, sometimes it can be a bit disheartening giving that money away to utility companies when we know we could do more for less. Installing solar panels can make you reduce your monthly electricity bill for 75 percent or just wholly reduce it to zero and even earn some money from it. Contact the Public Service Commission of South Carolina and get much more information!

  1. Earn from Net Metering

Speaking of earning some money from solar-generated power, you will have a high return on investment on the solar panels in your home. Although solar panels will entail a hefty upfront and installation fee, utility companies can even pay you through the net metering program.

The net metering program works by companies using some of the excess grid that your panels produce which is almost all the time. The tables are turned, and they then can pay you for it.

  1. Hedge from Energy Cost Inflation

Economic inflations are not a good sign. Consumers can be in an uncontrollable situation paying for highly-priced goods and services. What’s worse is that they have no choice and need to pay the costs no matter what or else, they risk negatively changing their lifestyle. Going solar protects you from inflation rates. If anything, you can get paid instead of paying to electric companies.

  1. Increase Property Value

Whether you’re selling the house or not, installing solar panels and devices in your home will increase its value. You can see a 3.74 percent upsurge in your home’s value which is more than the non-solar counterparts. You can visit website from Urdesing to find more tips that you may consider before selling a home.

  1. Be a Good Example in Society

A percentage of people want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle but have a hard time starting. You can be an excellent example in society and demonstrate how beneficial it is to have solar panels and devices at home. You can start in your local neighborhood and spread the significant advantages in using solar energy, and hopefully, others will follow suit.

  1. Protect Mother Nature

Using solar energy can protect the environment. You lessen around four tons of carbon emissions annually if you’re not dependent on the grid. This is a perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and will benefit you and the environment in the long run.


Although switching to solar energy is not easy, taking it one step at a time might help. Start with smaller panels for your smaller electrical devices. Then carefully deliberate if installing solar panels is within the budget or not.

Author Bio:

Eliza Brooks is a passionate blogger interested in sharing energy saving tips and the need for protecting the nature and resources for the future generation. She frequently blogs at Positronic Solar, which has over 25 years experience in solar panel installation, supplying both residential and commercial solar systems around Australia.