Working From Home Can Save the $4.5 Trillion Annually


May 30, 2020//-According to data acquired by Atlas VPN, US companies could save 4.5 trillion dollars per year by 2030. Establishing a flexible location policy leads to boosted productivity and reduces fixed overheads.

66% of employees say they are more productive while working at home: there are no distractions, noises, or interruptions from colleagues. 80% said they are being able to focus better without having their colleagues around.

When searching for a job, workers consider the ability to work from home as an essential. 80% said that if they were choosing between two jobs, they would turn down the one that does not allow them to work remotely.

While even 99% would like to have an opportunity to work from home at least part-time, 66% say they prefer working from home.

Rachel Welsh, the COO of Atlas VPN, said: “The numbers show employees prefer to work at home, yet the ability to work remotely is one of the most demanded perks. With everyone’s hectic schedules, people appreciate knowing they will not need to rush to the office if there is an emergency at home.

Once the pandemic ends, people may be working from home two days a week on average, especially the younger generation.”

With quarantine restrictions easing up in some countries, people are thinking of returning to their offices. But, only 2% of employers see removing precautions and letting their team come back anytime soon.

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