Security Alarm: 64% of All Accounts Are Abandoned


16 September 2020//-New research by NordPass suggests that more than half of users create accounts only to forget them.

A whopping 64% of those surveyed don’t remember all the accounts they’ve created. What’s more, 52% of users have accounts they cannot access because they have lost or forgotten the passwords.

This is not only an inconvenience for users, as they can’t remember the passwords when they actually need them, but is also a serious cybersecurity issue that alarms security experts.

Why is this a problem?

“Forgotten accounts don’t disappear — they are still online. Some of them could even be in unsecured databases. Our recent research confirms that more than 10 billion credentials are available in exposed online databases,” says Chad Hammond, security expert at NordPass.

“No matter whether the database containing your password is secured or unsecured, the password could be breached at any time. The only difference is that when credentials are sitting in unexposed databases, the hacker doesn’t even need to hack to obtain them,” adds Chad Hammond.

The security expert notes that data leaks and breaches happen every day. Chances are if a platform for which you have forgotten your logins gets breached, you won’t even know it.

“This is especially dangerous to those who reuse their passwords. For example, if the breached password secures both your email and social media accounts, they will all be jeopardized.”

Shockingly, password reuse is still a huge issue. The same NordPass survey reveals that 63% of respondents reuse their passwords.

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