Restructuring at Vodafone Ghana Affects Over 100 Workers

Vodafone Ghana CEO, Patricia Obo-Nai

Accra, Ghana, September 13, 2019//-A restructuring exercise at Vodafone Ghana has impacted on some roles and Graphic Online has gathered that over 100 jobs at the telecom company have been affected.

The affected staff and management have since agreed on the severance packages and Graphic Online gathers there are however some workers who are not happy about their severance package.

The restructuring exercise Graphic Online understand takes immediate effect from September 13, 2019. However others are taking effect from October 2019.

In one of the letters dated September 12, 2019 and addressed to an affected staff, the company wrote, “This is to inform you that following a decision to reorganise and restructure the business, your role has been made redundant.”

“This letter is to formally inform you that you are being made redundant effective 12 September, 2019. However the company has elected to pay in lieu of the three (3) months’ notice period from 13th September 2019 for a period of 3 months,” the letter to one of the affected workers stated.

When contacted, the External Affairs Director of Vodafone Ghana, Mr Gayheart Mensah explained that the company was restructuring “how it operates in order to remain fit-for-purpose, agile and nimble.”

This, he indicated was to enhance efficiency and competitiveness and ensure a sustainable operation that delivers an exciting future – the promise Vodafone makes to its customers.”

“The restructuring involves consolidation and alignment of various roles in the organisation. The aim is to improve the various points at which Vodafone touches its customers, streamline the go-to-market approach and position the company to take advantage of new opportunities in the industry,” Mr Mensah explained.

He added: “The exercise will have implications for some roles in the organisation. Vodafone assures that employees in the impacted roles will be treated with respect and decency and in accordance with the country’s labour laws and the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) of the company.”


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