Ghana Chamber of Mines Launches 90Th Anniversary

—Calls on State to Do More to Harness Opportunities

From (L-R), Mr Addo-Kufuor, President of the Chamber and the CEO of the Chamber, Mr Sulemanu Koney launching the anniversary

Accra, January 27, 2018//-Ghana Chamber of Mines, an association of mining companies operating in the country has launched its 90th anniversary with a call on the state to do more to harness the varied opportunities in the mining sector.

 “The Chamber is keen on making public all these opportunities to benefit Ghanaian businesses and institutions as we have demonstrated through the recent launch of the local content portal.

We are committed to ensuring that the industry contributes fairly to community and national development and the achievement of improved living standards”, the President of Ghana Chamber of Mines, Kwame Addo-Kufuor told journalists in Accra on Friday at the media launch.

“Our commitment to spearheading a drive to deepen the integration of the mining industry with the non-mineral economy of Ghana is only the beginning”.

The Chamber which makes up of 58 members, according to Mr Addo-Kufuor recognises the need to explore linkages with other sectors and to support indigenous manufacturing, services and supply companies by moving beyond the legal requirements of local content.

He added that the Chamber deems it necessary to establish and strengthen existing partnerships with other industry associations to broaden the discourse on value creation to spur entrepreneurship in the economy.

Lingering question

 Mr Addo-Kufuor observed: “Over the years, the Chamber has touted its contribution to the economy, but the question that keeps coming up is: “what are the tangible effects of the resources gleaned from mining?”

Our member companies contribute extensively to rural development through their direct operations and the fulfillment of their corporate social investment commitments to their host communities and beyond”.

“This coupled with the direct and indirect contributions demonstrate the capacity of the industry to hold its own in our dear country”, he stated.

Be that as it may, the linkages between the mining industry and the rest of the economy through the supply of goods and services do create value multipliers for many industries in the country.

To deepen this, mining must be deliberately integrated into the non-mineral sector to create a vibrant and sustainable market place in and around the mining industry, Mr Addo-Kufuor stressed.

Showcasing the achievements

He was convinced that the 90th anniversary would offer each one of them the opportunity to reflect on the challenges that had muzzled the industry and showcase the many achievements it had made.

“As one of the most regulated, responsible and well-organized economic blocs in the country, the Chamber deems it appropriate to re-examine its priorities as a true engine of economic growth and development.

As you may be aware, the industry has come from a period where the primary focus of mining was mainly economic. This has markedly altered in the last two decades”.

Mr Addo-Kufuor continued: “More and more mining firms have developed processes and procedures that place more emphasis on sustainable practices to safeguard people’s livelihoods and the environment at large. In essence, mining has in recent times, taken a more broad-based and developmental role”.

The theme for the anniversary: ‘A responsible and sustainable mining industry; a partner for national development’ represents what members of the Chamber can achieve through responsible and sustainable mining practices in Ghana.

It is vital to note that building a prosperous nation hinges on the ability of the country to tap into available resources for effective and efficient application.

It has therefore become imperative to raise the nation’s consciousness towards supporting its mining industry to create greater value for the economy – the kind of value that can lift people from poverty to economic independence; the kind of value that supports infrastructural advancements as well as human resource development, according to him.

The Anniversary’s Programme




Anniversary Documentary



Commissioning of the 9th Anniversary documentary to depict the contribution of mining to the economy, sustainability and community development as well as opportunities for local investors. February 2018
1st Lecture –Kumasi


There will be a public lecture in the 2nd Quarter of 2018 to herald the commencement of the celebrations. March 2018


Roundtable Media Discussions



An executive roundtable discussion on the platform of a renowned media organisation to discuss the Chamber’s ideas in deepening value-creation and local content in the mining industry. May 2018
West Africa Mining & Power Conference/Exhibition (WAMPOC?WAMPEX) 2018 The 2018 biennial Mining andWest Africa Mining & Power Conference/Exhibition (WAMPOC?WAMPEX) will be held.


The President of the Republic, H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo,will be the Special Guest of Honour.

30thMay-1stJune 2018
Donation to Urology Unit @Korlebu Donation of equipment to the Urology Unit of the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.


July 2018


Essay Competition A National Essay Competition for tertiary schools on sustainable mining and integration of mining into the non-mineral sector of the economy. August 2018
Support for Reproductive Health Rights in Central Accra – James Town


Collaborate with an NGO to reduce adolescent reproductive health diseases and teenage pregnancies. June – August, 2018
2nd Lecture –Tarkwa


A public lecture in the 2nd Quarter of 2018 to discuss a pertinent topic in the industry.


October 2018

Instructively, since its inception in Tarkwa on 6th of June 1928, the Chamber has been the unifying mouth piece for the mining industry in the then Gold Coast and now the Republic of Ghana. As such, the Ghana Chamber of Mines is one of the oldest if not the oldest and arguably most effective business association in the country.

By Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh, African Eye Report 








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